Top 5 games similar to PUBG Mobile you can play after the ban


Top 5 Best smartphone games similar to PUBG Mobile that you can play after the ban

The Government of India yesterday issued a notification banning 118 Chinese Applications from operating in India. We have already detailed the 118 Chinese Apps and non-Chinese alternatives for them. The list of the 118 banned Chinese apps includes the world popular battleground multiplayer game PUBG Mobile. After the Ban, we have received multiple messages about why PUBG Mobile is banned? Well, we earlier reported that why the game should be banned, and here is a solid reason why it should be removed from your smartphones now itself.

Why should PUBG Mobile be banned?

PUBG Mobile is a Chinese App. But that is not the reason we are calling on the Government of India to ban PUBG Mobile. Two researchers, Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk have proved beyond doubt that PUBG Mobile accesses the iPhone clipboard data without the users’ permission. The clipboard is used for pasting your banking login data, email ids, passwords, messages, chats, emails, etc. and this data could be relayed back to the command and control servers located in China. This can be the main motive of the Indian Government to ban the game.

The move seems to disappoint multiple gamers in India leaving them to desperately seek alternatives. The good news is that the battle royale genre has been the most lucrative for all studios, so there is no shortage of great battle royale games for mobile devices. So let’s take a look at the alternatives of PUBG Mobile.

Top 5 Best smartphone games similar to PUBG Mobile

  1. Call of Duty Mobile
  2. Fortnite
  3. Garena Free Fire
  4. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival
  5. Zooba: Free-for-All

Call of Duty Mobile

The undoubted king of first-person shooters’ foray into mobile gaming came in the form of Call of Duty Mobile. The game is as responsive as it gets on the mobile gaming platform. There are no other shooters for the platform that feels as great as Call of Duty Mobile. In addition to a robust arena shooter game mode, COD Mobile also comes with a fantastic Battle Royale mode. If players are looking for a more responsive game than PUBG Mobile then Call of Duty Mobile is it.

Download Call of Duty Mobile from here.


Fortnite is not available on Google Play Store but can be downloaded from the official website of Epic Games. The game needs absolutely no introduction as it has dominated relentlessly ever since the battle royale mode’s launch. The game is an extremely creative take on the genre, and for players who are looking to not just shoot but also build their way out of a problem, Fornite will scratch that itch. The Android and iOS app is quite a competent port of the original game on consoles and PC.

Here is how you can download Fortnite on your Android Smartphone.

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a game on the rise and was competing for neck-to-neck with PUBG Mobile Lite in terms of active players. After the ban, the number is going to increase significantly and players are sure to flock to Garena Free Fire. As the closest alternative to PUBG Mobile Lite and its signature feel, Garena Free Fire is both familiar yet somewhat original in its approach. The game is a favorite of the mobile game community and understandably so.

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Toeing the precarious line between inspiration and imitation, Hopeless Land does actually have a few original ideas of its own. For players who are seeking the closest experience to PUBG Mobile Lite, Hopeless Land is their best bet. While the game doesn’t necessarily have the quick matchmaking of PUBG, the recent ban is sure to send droves of players looking for alternatives. Perhaps this will help other games in the genre, such as Hopeless Land, finally have their day in the sun.

Zooba: Free-for-All

If you are looking for that sweet spot between the aesthetic of Fall Guys and the intensity of PUBG, then Zooba is the game for you. Zooba is a charming battle-arena experience that appears laid-back at first, but it takes little time for the game to ramp up its intensity. The game is extremely accessible and while veterans of PUBG Mobile Lite will have somewhat of a hard time adjusting to the gameplay of Zooba, it should be no problem. Zooba’s best part comes in the way of its art style, and its tone is just the right kind of fun. The game does not take itself too seriously, which is the approach for games like these.

These are the best alternatives to PUBG Mobile available right now. Kindly mention in the comment section if we have missed any. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by following us on Google News.


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