Top 10 best Programming Games you can play to strengthen your coding skills


10 Best Coding Games that you can play to strengthen your Programming skills

Programming is used to develop programs that can be executed for doing tasks, making games, making events, and much more. Some people refer to top websites like W3schools to develop their skills in programming, while some develop by using books and other mediums. Well, but here we have something that can make Programming fun. So here are the top 10 best programming games that can help you to develop your coding skills.

Top 10 Best Programming Games

  2. Codegym
  3. Elevator saga
  4. Untrusted
  5. Code Combat
  6. Codemonkey
  7. VIM adventures
  8. Flexboxfroggy
  9. Baba Is You
  10. Lightbot is by far our favorite, because of the variety of different features. It’s suited for all kinds of experience levels. For inexperienced coders, there is lots of learning material. For advanced and expert coders, multiplayer games should be a more interesting choice. The single-player games are better suited for inexperienced as well as advanced coders.


Codegym is a gamified online Java programming course. It offers 1200 practical tasks with increasing complexity. A nice plus is the success story section of the site. In stories like this one, you can read up on other people’s programming career choices and their lessons learned. They also offer a couple of games like “Hungry Snake”. The game has 20 different tasks that build on each other.

Elevator saga

If you dreamed of creating algorithms for elevators (and in reality, this is a very interesting and complex algorithmic task), then Elevator Saga is an excellent sandbox. Here is an abstract building with several floors and elevators transporting people. It is necessary to program the movement of elevators so as to transport a certain number of passengers for a specified period. As you progress through the levels, the number of floors and the number of elevators increases, and the conditions become stricter.


Untrusted is a JavaScript game where you have to reach the blue rectangle by modifying the game logic. Code with red background can’t be edited. With CTRL+1 the API can be toggled so that available functions for use are seen.

Code Combat

CodeCombat is a very beginner-friendly place to learn about coding. The goal is to move a character with the help of programming-commands through various buildings while solving challenges. Also, it’s made for school classes. A teacher can set up an account and can track the individual process of the students.


At Codemonkey, it all starts with pseudocode of functions, logic, events, and conditions. Here, your goal is to get the monkey to his banana. Tips are shown along the way so that it’s really easy to understand and solve the challenges. Later on, challenges need to be solved with real coding languages like Python.

VIM adventures

VIM adventures teach the usage of the popular text editor VIM. The rules you are learning in the game can be directly applied when using the real VIM editor. As I always used nano for editing, the game really taught me how to navigate with VIM in a fun way. In case you’re looking to learn using VIM, this game might be a good start!


Flexboxfroggy is a game that visually improves your CSS-Skills. This game is suited for beginners as well as advanced programmers. As a beginner, you can hover over the property to learn more about it. If you’re more knowledgeable, try remembering the property features on your own. The goal is to move froggy and his friends to the lily pads in a total of 24 levels!

Baba Is You

Baba Is You is a pure logic game. The rule parts are on the map and to be moved around by you. Sometimes, various solutions are possible. Baba Is You is available on Steam and the Nintendo switch. Are you able to get the flag?


Lightbot is a mobile game available for Android and iOS. The game teaches you sequencing, overloading, procedures, recursive loops, and conditionals in a nice way. The goal is to switch all the blue squares to yellow. A single square can be switched with the lightbulb symbol. Now figure out to do it for all!

These are the Top 10 Best Programming games that can boost your coding skills. For more tutorials stay tuned at Android Rookies by subscribing to our newsletter from here


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