Tired of Zoombombing and security issues with Zoom Video Conferencing App – Try new Skype without login


Skype users can now access account without login id or through link send through messages without signing in

Zoom Messaging App riddled with video leaks online, security issues and zoombombing/Zoom Raiding – try the alternative

Due to the worldwide lockdown/quarantine, it has become imperative that we use video messaging Apps to stay in touch with our office or near and dear ones. As soon as the Corona Virus pandemic surfaced, millions of individuals, schools, colleges, businesses, support groups adopted Zoom Video Messaging App as an option to stay in contact with their friends, families, students, coworkers, and volunteers. As the period of lockdown grew so did the popularity of Zoom video messaging App.

However, in the past few days, there have been various news reports of Zoom video conferencing App riddled with security issues and data leaks. It was discovered that Zoom saved the video conferences as videos on its own servers as well as the local PC or smartphone of the users. Anybody with little skills as hackers or through social engineering could gain access to such private video calls. Another security lapse was “Zoombombing” or “Zoom raiding” in which uninvited participants entered the video call and made a mess of it.

Zoom CEO has said that they did not pay attention to the security details of the app causing such abhorrent breach of privacy. Zoom which became a sensational videoconferencing app after the coronavirus erupted became embroiled security leaks and lapses. To cover up, Zoom declared that it will enable two new security features which will include ‘Waiting Room’ and two meeting password settings in order to make conference calls more private for users.

The ‘Waiting Room’, as the name suggests will act as a virtual section where new participants joining in on a call will be put on hold. They can then be screened by the host. This feature will give the host more control over who’s joining the conference call even if the password to that particular meeting is leaked.

However the users in need of staying in touch with their loved ones/friends and co-workers have started looking for alternatives. Google Duo is one such alternative but it causes the device to heat up and does not allow as many users to join the video conference. The only remaining viable alternative is Microsoft’s Skype video messenger with conferencing facility.

To make up for lost users, Microsoft today made key announcements for Skype video call service. Starting today, users don’t need to sign up for an account or download software to join cross-platform video conferences. There’s also a simpler interface that allows users to start a video call in just one click. You can access their new terms here.

In these dire times stay safe and stay data leak-free by using Skype video messaging and video conferencing App.


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