Tips on Buying a Used Android Smartphone That Qualified


Tips on Buying a Used Android Smartphone That Qualified – Do you want to buy a used Android smartphones, but quality? But you do not have knowledge of how to choose a quality used smartphone? In this article I want to give information about how tips on buying a used Android smartphone that is still good quality and of course you can apply for expensive smartphones would you like to buy second-hand.

Here are some tips that you can do in selecting a quality used Android smartphone before you buy it.

Tips on Buying a Used Android Smartphone That Qualified

1. Buy BNOB stuff.
The first is to buy goods in bnob. The point about this band stands for Brand New Open Box or goods that are still new but already open seal dusnya box. More details are former first-hand smartphone. This bnob to find stuff you can find it easily through advertising on Kaskus, OLX and other online classified ads. Then just type in writing bnob In the smartphone category.

The advantages of this stuff obviously has a cheaper price compared to new items, but a little more expensive than the second item that you have to pay attention. When purchasing this item you must first check the warranty. If you can Look for a vendor selling smartphone devices.

2. Buy “Old Stock”
Tip two buy things that old stock means stock of the old ones, you can search for this stuff in Kaskus. Because there are many sellers who offer merchandise Stock Lama, usually the goods sold does not have a warranty and have a smartphone models of the old type that were once hits or becomes Legend, because the goods do not have a warranty then do transactions directly meet the seller, so you can check conditions and ensure all the functions of a normal smartphone. How to compare the normal smartphone and you can search for information on the internet beforehand.

3. Search for Items That Still Warranted
Tip three is the intention is to ensure that you purchase the smartphone is still used in a few months, instead of smartphones that have 2 to 3 years of use. Look for a smartphone that has a warranty that still has a long warranty period, but if the old warranty smartphone then look hard to find a smartphone that has a new warranty expired warranty.

4. The Price Is Reasonable
 This issue should be taken into account for even smartphones that want you to buy it second-hand, but it must still be that a standard price. Therefore Seek you first the benchmark price of a used smartphone would you like to buy it and do not be tempted if the smartphone is offered at a price that is far from the reference price, because maybe smartphone would you buy it has a poor quality or smartphone also is counterfeit or has been damaged severe, thus making the price offered is below average. And if it’s a smartphone that the former has a more expensive price than the reference price then you have to be smart in negotiating the seller giving a list of benchmark prices in the market of smartphones it sells.

5. Select the Transaction System Safe
Do COD (Cash on Delivery) system to pay former smartphone that you want to buy, if you still have not experienced in buying and selling these problems take a friend who already understand and often do, in order to assist you in checking the goods. However, if you already know the stuff is good then you can make payment only through a joint account.

Likewise reviews about some tips on buying a used android smartphone that qualified in order to get quality goods. Hopefully this article be a reference for you who are looking for a used smartphone.


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