TikTok star Nisha Gurgain’s alleged video leaked on Pornhub and Xvideos


Somebody leaked the alleged MMS video clip of TikTok superstar Nisha Gurgain and her boyfriend Ramzan on Pornhub and Xvideos

After the horrendous suicide by TikToker, Sia Kakkar yesterday, there is one more TikTok star news that is an absolute shocker. An alleged MMS video clip of another TikTok superstar, Nisha Gurgain is currently doing rounds on social media networks like TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.  The alleged video clip features Nisha and her friend, Ramzan Kutty in compromising positions and was accidentally leaked by her on 8th June 2020. Now it has been leaked a handle called Motfuc on adult entertainment websites like Pornhub and Xvideos.

From her alleged police complaint made to the Kharghar Police Station, Navi Mumbai, and leaked on Twitter, it seems that the video was made with Nisha Gurgain’s consent. In the alleged police complaint, Nisha explains that the video was made by her boyfriend with her con

Somebody leaked the alleged MMS video of TikTok superstar Nisha Gurgain and her boyfriend Ramzan on Pornhub and Xvideos

In the police complaint, Nisha Gurgain says that the compromising video was shot with her consent but accidentally got shared on her Snapchat account. According to the complaint, the video was available as a Snapchat story for nearly 2 hours and downloaded countless times before she eventually deleted it.

In the complaint, the TikToker has requested the police to stop the video from spreading further but it is a futile request considering, Nisha Gurgain has over 27.9 million followers on TikTok and 2.1 million followers on Instagram and countless admirers on Snapchat. By the time it was deleted, it must have shared nearly a million times.

Nisha Gurgain is originally from Nepal but now stays in Navi Mumbai, India, and has had tremendous success as a TikTok star with most of TikTok videos garnering more than 500k views minimum. The leaked video allegedly features her with another TikToker, Ramzan Kutty.

Nisha has said that the video does not feature her or her friend, Ramzan but is fake. We couldn’t independently verify the video as being Nisha Gurgain’s. That being said, the video is already popular on both the adult entertainment websites with nearly 1million views at the time of writing this article.


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