TikTok removed from Google Play Store and Apple Store; Here is how Indian government can block 59 Apps


India vs China: TikTok removed from Google Play Store and Apple store for Indians; Here is how Indian government can block the 59 Chinese Apps

Ever since the belligerent Chinese PLA soldiers fought with the Indian Army at the Galwan Valley, there has been a slew of policy decisions by various Indian federal government as well as state governments. We have had states like Haryana and Maharashtra annulling contracts worth over $760 million last week. Indian e-commerce firms will now have to list the country of origin on their product listings page. Now the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese Apps and made it illegal for Indians to download these 59 Apps.

However, many in the media wondered how the Indian government could implement this blanket ban. The effects of the ban are already in place with TikTok no longer being available on the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and Apple Store for iPhones and iPads. India with its superior information technology can block any specific App inside its borders without engaging the market operator like Google Playstore or Apple Store. China does the same and India can do it. Here are the ways in which

Here is how the Government of India can ban 59 Chinese Apps from being downloaded in India

Notice to Google Play Store and Apple Store:

The Indian government has already issued notices to Google Play Store and Apple Store to remove these Apps for their Indian users. The implementation is already in progress with TikTok already being removed. The Indian government can force these play stores from hosting Apps that are damaging to the security of the country and it is expedient upon Google and Apple to enforce this ban.

If you thought that banning on the PlayStore is not enough and TikTokers will abuse Government of India’s ban notification, here is what is happening when you open your TikTok App installed on your Android smartphone:

Here is how the Government of India can ban 59 Chinese Apps from being downloaded in India

Yes, you can no longer access even installed TikTok App in India.

ISP-level block:

This is what China does to Apps that CCP deems unsuitable for its citizens. The Indian government can force ISPs to block the App from downloading at their level. This is by far the most effective way to block/ban any App harmful to Indian interests.

Self Regulation by Indians

We know that users always bypass such blocks by using VPNs and proxies. It is contingent upon us to enforce this block on 59 Chinese origin Apps. Not only does blocking this App suggest our defiance to the expansionism of the Chinese Army but it also gives us a chance to be of some use to the Indian Army’s cause. Remember, every time you block any Chinese App, it hurts China more economically.

Let me give you an example. Tiktok owner ByteDance has an IPO planned somewhere next year. Blocking TikTok could almost trash the IPO to the dustbin. In 2018, ByteDance had an implied valuation of $75 billion. With almost 200 or so Indian users out of the calculation, the valuation could drop to less than $50 billion.

Out of the three methods, the last method is best enforceable as it is up to us.


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