This Website That Will Log You Out Of All Online Accounts INSTANTENOUSLY


Use ‘Superlogout’ website to instantly logout of all active online accounts

Sometimes you come across a situation where you need to logout of the 10s of accounts like Gmail, Amazon, Netflix, Steam, YouTube, Hulu, Skype, Slashdot, GitHub, Soundcloud within a second. However, you don’t have the time to go to individual websites and logout. What do you do?

This is particularly the case when you visit an Internet Cafe for surfing, use public Wi-Fi or have this odd habit of logging out of all online accounts at the end of each day. Leaving the above websites can cause a financial or identity theft problem for you. We bring to you a website called Superlogout.

Superlogout which can be visited here (be warned you get logged out instantly from all online accounts). Superlogout is a great tool for people who surf the Internet using public Wi-Fi or Internet Cafes or want to emergently log out of all their accounts.

As soon as you visit Superlogout, it will automatically get to work logging you out of a few dozen major services including Amazon, Google, Netflix, Steam, Tumblr, and YouTube. Once you’re logged out, the site will display a green “OK” next to each service.

For some reasons the developer of Superlogout hasn’t included Facebook, but it’s a quick way to log out of many sites at once. Give it a try and I am sure you will bookmark it to avoid future unwanted situations. Do remember to try it out in Incognito Mode or else you could have a big job logging into all the websites again.


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