This version of Windows 7 2020 Edition by an user is just fabulous


This stunning Windows 7 2020 Edition has a new Start menu, new Action Center, Fluentmorphism, tabs in File Explorer, new Tablet Mode and much more

We already know that Windows 7 is officially dead and buried after Microsoft pulled the plug as soon as it’s new Windows 10 version was launched. Microsoft stopped security patches and updates for Windows 7 users leaving them no choice but to either continue using a non-secure Windows 7 version PC/laptop or migrate to the expensive Windows 10 operating system.

There are many like me who like the Windows 7 operating system for its non-intrusiveness as well as simple UI. Others like it for not forcing updates, no Cortana, and no telemetry spying. What would Windows 7 UI have looked like if Microsoft had continued supporting it with updates and patches? This is one question that even Microsoft would avoid answering. But a YouTuber, has an answer to what we could have expected from Microsoft Windows 7 if it was released today.

YouTuber the Hacker 34 has created his edition of the Windows 7 operating system that is refreshingly stunning.

Hacker 34 says that he has added all the necessary tools of 2020 in his Windows 7 edition. His Windows 7 2020 Edition has a new start menu, new Action Center, Fluentmorphism, tabs in File Explorer, new tablet mode, consistent design/animations, and even more.

Hacker 34 is known for rolling out his own editions of iPhone 12, iMac 2020, and others but this one does stand out. What do you think of this YouTuber’s painstaking efforts to bring us this stunning Windows 7 2020 edition? You can reach him out on his Twitter. Do mention your views in the comments or our Facebook fan page here.



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