This nifty Windows 10 hack allows you to allocate bandwidth for Windows Updates


Tired of Windows 10 Updates not allowing you to work on your PC/Laptop during downloading, now you can limit the Wi-Fi bandwidth it uses

This must-have happened to you! It has happened to many times. As I am working on my laptop, suddenly websites are loading slow and Internet connection becomes sluggish. This is all due to my laptop downloading the latest version of the Windows 10 update. Whenever the Windows updates start, these updates are just pesky and irksome but they are important. Games are especially affected by such update downloads slowing up their games.

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This happens because when Windows 10 downloads any update from Microsoft servers, it consumes all the available Internet bandwidth. So if your PC/laptop is downloading any Windows 10 updates, chances are that you have to just postpone the rest of your work till the download is finished and installed, and the PC/laptop has been restarted.

Most Windows 10 updates range between 500MB to 1GB and take quite some time especially if you Wi-Fi connection speed is less then 20Mbps. Now with the Windows 10 May 2020 mega update coming up rest, it will be even more difficult for you to work during the updates. Windows 10 mega-update is supposed to be nearly 6GB in size and it will be continued with fixes for the bugs in May 2020 update.

What can you do about Windows 10 update downloads?

Thankfully, now Windows 10 offers you a chance to control the amount of Internet bandwidth Windows 10 updates can use. If you follow this nifty hack, you can allocate a certain percentage of your Wi-Fi bandwidth for Windows 10 updates and work during the download/installation. This feature is available if you have the Fall Creators Update (Windows 10 1709) or later Windows 10 versions.

The Windows 10 PC/laptops having Fall Creators Update or later have a Delivery Optimization feature allows you to specify a percentage of the available bandwidth that Windows Update and the Microsoft Store will use when installing updates.

Here is how you can control your Wi-Fi/Internet bandwidth used by Windows 10 Updates

Just follow the following steps

  • Open Settings from the Start menu or type Settings in the search box.
  • Open Settings and click Update & Security
  • In Update & Security, click Delivery OptimizationHere is how you can control your Wi-Fi/Internet bandwidth used by Windows 10 Updates
  • In Delivery Optimization click on Advanced Options at the bottom of the screenHere is how you can control your Wi-Fi/Internet bandwidth used by Windows 10 Updates
  • In the Advanced Options, click on the following settingsHere is how you can control your Wi-Fi/Internet bandwidth used by Windows 10 Updates
  • Set the values you want. I set it around 20% for Download and 40% for the Upload. In the Limit how much bandwidth I used 50% but setting these values is entirely up to you.
  • Do not set values for the Monthly upload values.

That’s it folks, now with these limits enable, the Windows 10 update downloads won’t disturb you any longer. But do remember that decreasing the bandwidth for the updates will also take your PC/laptop a long time to download the updates.


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