This man sued Apple for a whopping $1 Trillion


This man sued Apple for a whopping $1 Trillion

Apple became the first U.S company to achieve the $1.5 Trillion Market value mark. The company on Wednesday (10 June) recorded an all-time high market value and also become the first one to achieve the feat. Market capitalization is simply the share price multiplied by the number of outstanding shares of the company’s stock, yielding the company’s overall stock market value. At a current price of around $352 per share and with roughly 4.3 billion shares outstanding, Apple’s market capitalization is now at around $1.53 trillion.

According to the New York Post, after experiencing an alleged phone mishap, Missouri’s Raevon Terrell Parker attempted to sue Apple for a whopping $1 trillion. Well, if he wins the case he would become the richest man in the world, eclipsing Amazon’s Jeff Bezos by almost $850 billion.

As some reports state that Parker claimed about its phone getting stolen after he took the device in for repairs in 2018. Parker also claimed one Genius Bar employee called him “crazy” during their exchange.

The employee at the Apple Store repaired the device, but kept it by deceiving the plaintiff knowing that it was the first phone to have new features.

Parker claimed in a statement filed at the US District Court in East Missouri on June 1.

According to Apple Insider, Parker asserts he went to the Saint Louis Galleria Apple Store to fix an issue with his smartphone, detailed in other supporting documents as an iPhone 7. The store staff fixed the iPhone, but Parker claims they “kept it by deceiving the plaintiff knowing that it was the first phone to have new features,” and instead provided a replacement iPhone.

Furthermore, the supposed “new features” seemingly includes having the iPhone set up to “bypass certain start-up load screen options,” which enables the iPhones to “communicate with other devices faster and more accurately. A bolder claim in the earlier legal action includes a request for Parker to be compensated for the “discovery of the Group FaceTime feature.”

The damages that the Plaintiff is seeking is a trillion dollars. Due to hospitalizations, travel, distress, humiliation, embarrassment, defamation of character, I don’t think that the Plaintiff can be compensated for being labeled crazy.

Parker wrote

Meanwhile, the matter is still unclear by the court and how the filed lawsuit will go further, by the time we also need to know that this is not the first time Parker filed a lawsuit against Apple. Parker unsuccessfully filed a mind-boggling $2 trillion claim in 2019 over the aforementioned grievance, even providing an itemized list of his compensation asks, which included $1 trillion apiece for the “stolen” iPhone 7 and iOS 12.

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