This longish message containing special characters can crash your WhatsApp or freeze it


Long prank messages originating from Brazil and containing special characters can crash your WhatsApp or freeze it

If you receive a long WhatsApp message from your friend or acquaintance in your notification, it would do you a world of good to immediately take action to block the sender. Some new WhatsApp prank messages that originated from Brazil are doing rounds on the Internet. Upon opening such a message, your WhatsApp App will just crash or freeze.

The prank messages are usually long and are written using special characters which WhatsApp is not able to decode and hence goes into a deep freeze or crashes. These prank messages were first noticed in Brazil and contain weird characters as per the WhatsApp tracking website, Wabetainfo. “A contact might send a message that contains many weird characters. If you read them entirely, they have no sense, but WhatsApp might interpret the message in the wrong way. Sometimes WhatsApp is also unable to render the message totally because its structure is so weird: the combination of these characters creates a situation where WhatsApp isn’t able to process the message, determining an infinite crash,” the report reads.

The message just cripples WhatsApp and no amount of restarting WhatsApp or rebooting your smartphone will help. This happens because the weird characters in the message are too difficult for WhatsApp to process and ultimately it crashes.

Since the message is already in your inbox, you can’t delete it but you can use a workaround to remove the message completely. if you do receive any such longish message you are not sure of, you should immediately block the contact. After blocking the WhatsApp contact, go to your settings and set your group privacy settings to “My Contacts” or “My Contacts except..”  Blocking the contact will remove the contacts messages from your timeline. Now open your WhatsApp using the and delete the message.

The message affects WhatsApp in both Android and iPhones so no one is safe. However, if nothing works, you can uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it but in this process, you might lose your chat history.

The crash codes in these messages are severe and will make your WhatsApp non-functional. Some users have even reported such messages being sent in the form of virtual cards or Vcards. “If you open the Vcard, you can verify that there might be like 100 associated contacts. Every contact has a very long weird name, that contains a crash code. Sometimes the Vcard is also altered, editing/injecting something called Payload that makes the situation worse,” WAbetainfo says.


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