This girl hacked ex-boyfriends Netflix using a neat trick


This Girl hacked ex-boyfriend’s Netflix account using a neat trick for two months before being caught

People do all sorts of things to get a free Netflix accounts, they hack, they steal, they even beg but this girl deserves a standing ovation. This girl used a neat and clean trick to hack into her ex-boyfriend’s account without him noticing for two whole months.

Netflix users know who shares their accounts through a Netflix dashboard which details the usernames of the people using the service. This girl’s ex-boyfriend didn’t notice her for a whole 2 months before she was found by the ex-boyfriend’s brother who posted this message on Twitter:

Apparently, the girl created a Netflix Profile with the name “Settings” with a “loading” sign as the profile picture. As she already knew the username and password of her ex-boyfriend, logging in was no problem. Her neat hack meant that her ex-boyfriend thought that it was some sort of Netflix settings and didn’t suspect a thing. When his brother finally checked, he realized that it was not the Netflix settings.

Using settings or system to protect yourself from spying eyes is not new. Many Android smartphone/Windows 7/10 users rename their private folders as System or Settings to keep them away from prying eyes. However, the girl has to be admired for thinking of this genius hack just to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix. And admired she was by Twitter users who appreciated her hack. The brother’s original tweet got nearly 286 likes on Twitter and Netflix was the first one to appreciate the hack.

Others followed

Let’s hope that Netflix does offer her a year’s subscription for free for this genius trick.


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