This employee was fired from MongoDB for saying its products are not good as it claims


Ex-MongoDB employee who was fired after IPO for saying MongoDB overselling its products

MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database program. It is basically a NoSQL database program and uses JSON-like documents with the schema. It went public in 2017 when it was listed for $24 a share on NASDAQ as MDB.

Over the years many have said that MongoDB oversells its products by make-believe methods. This was confirmed two days ago by an ex-employee of MongoDB who posted a thread on YCombinator.

I usually describe MongoDB as a database designed for applications where the data doesn’t matter very much.

This might sound disparaging, and we all like to think our own data matters to the Nth degree, but consider: how important is that banner that displays at the bottom of the Amazon or Ebay page, “people who looked at this thing bought this stuff”? It has to be there, but how accurate does it have to be? Are you willing to wait an extra five seconds for it to be right?

In the overwhelming majority of places where you might want a database to help you manage the data involved, the majority if the data does not need to be 100% right if it would make the main operations slower. For those parts of the job, MongoDB in its default configuration with default options is good enough.

Many of us with what we like to think of as higher standards prefer to work where everything matters, and leave the dancing penguins to others. But those others do need a database, and they have the money to buy one.

The employee was fired by MongoDB for saying what he did right after its IPO was launched in 2017. MongoDB often claims it has “among the strongest data consistency, correctness, and safety guarantees of any database available today”, with “full ACID transactions”. But over the years, it has been found that MongoDB often its cheap but unreliable database with misleadingly claims. This is the gist of what the ex-employee was saying.

The ex-employee’s claims of MongoDB overselling its products doesn’t very much for the company. MongoDB has gone strength to strength from the IPO price of $24 to the current $191 on NASDAQ. It has also teamed up with Alibaba Cloud to offer MongoDB-as-a-service solution.

MongoDB has not commented on the issue.


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