This company is selling a Nintendo Game Boy like gadget to break in cars for $25K apiece


This company has modified Nintendo Game Boy into a keyless device to unlock cars and is selling it for $25000 apiece

One of the best methods used by car thieves to steal keyless system cars is to ‘relay’ a signal from the fob inside the owner’s home to the vehicle outside. However, this requires immense skill and also runs a risk of getting caught. Now a company in Bulgaria is selling what looks like modified Nintendo Game Boy handheld devices that can unlock such keyless system cars without any hassle. The modified Game Boy allows the car thieves to steal the car without the need to relay from a nearby fob.

A Bulgarian company called SOS Auto Keys is selling such Nintendo Game Boy car keys for $25000 a pop but the company says that due to the demand the prices will come down. The device is very popular among car thieves because it doesn’t require skills and can open almost any keyless system car.

From the looks of it, the SOS Key tool looks like a modified Nintendo Game Boy. The SOS Key Tool is a master key that can open variety of keyless system cars. The company is marketing the SOS Key Tool as ‘the most advanced locksmith tool’ available. SOS Auto Keys sells the device with a warning that it should not be used for unlawful car entry. It also has posted a video tutorial on YouTube showing how to use the SOS Key Tool to unlock keyless system cars like Kia, Hyundai, Mistubishi within a minute.

According to Daily Mail, this modified “Game Boy” records the car information and acts as an answering machine that the target car recognizes as an authorized control (fob). Finally, the car will open as if the SOS Key user used the legitimate fob.

The AA Plc, a motoring body says that SOS Key Tool is a big threat to car owners and has requested the authorities to take action against the company.

Visiting the website of SOS Auto Keys does not show the SOS Key Tool but the company does sell many gadgets/devices for opening cars. One such tool called SOS Unlocker works with Windows 10 and retails for $450. The company claims it can open top car brands. The company claims SOS Unlocker is a device to repair and unlock keys and then re-use them. Oddly the website has made all videos private.


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