This blogger’s website runs on Raspberry Pi 3b+ charged through solar power


This blogger runs his website on a solar-powered Raspberry Pi 3b+, here is how he is doing it

Green energy is the new mantra and the owner of Louwrentius is making full use of solar power to run his blog. World over, governments and corporations are adopting solar power, wind power, and other forms of green energy so that our reliance on fossil fuels is reduced. Keep the same in mind at a micro level, a blogger has decided to run his blog with a setup that runs on solar power.

The owner of “Louwrentius” has deployed a solar panel on his balcony and it has been connected to an old worn out car battery that powers the Raspberry Pi 3b+ for running his website, Louwrentius is a blogger from the Netherlands and says he got the idea from a website ‘Low-tech Magazine.’ He says that the Low-tech Magazine’s setup was much more advanced while he uses a little less tech-savvy approach. Here are the details of the equipment he used for his solar-powered blog setup:

  • Solar Panel Monocrystalline 150 Watt 12V
  • Battery 12 Volt Lead Acid Battery (Exide 63Ah)
  • Solar Charge Controller Victron BlueSolar MPPT 75|10
  • Voltage/Current sensor INA260
  • LCD Display HD44780 20×4
  • Computer Raspberry Pi 3b+
  • Communications cable VE.Direct to USB interface

Louwrentius says that on a clear sunny day, his setup churns out approximately 60W energy. He says that his setup is not optimal and could face issues in winter months due to less sunlight. Here his how he says his blog works.

When you connect to this site, you connect to a VPS running HAProxy. HAproxy determines if my blog is up and if so, will proxy between you and the Raspberry Pi. If the battery would run out, HAProxy will redirect you an instance of my blog on the same VPS (where it was running for years).

As you may understand, I still have to pay for the cloud VPS and that VPS also uses power. From an economical standpoint and from a ecological standpoint, this project may make little sense.


While his setup is enough to power the Raspberry Pi 3b+, it is not enough to power the other equipment needed to run the blog including router, switches, and modem. Louwrentius powers them through normal electricity.


All in all, we have to appreciate Louwrentius’ efforts though it is not as energy efficient as he did want it to be. He hopes that it will inspire other bloggers to build projects like these and make abundant use of solar power. You can visit his post here to learn how to run a website using solar power or here for key stats 


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