This AI powered camera App for iPhone can blur faces, strip meta-data and anonymize you


New Anonymous Camera app for the iPhone can capture anonymized footage by blurring faces, stripping Exif data, distorting voices using Artificial Intelligence

Protesters who want to video shoot or photograph their protests to post on social media can now breathe easy with this fabulous app for iPhone. Called the Anonymous Camera App, it allows users to seamlessly anonymize photos and videos. All processing is done in real-time, locally on the device without even uploading to the cloud thereby maintaining total secrecy. Powered by state of the art machine learning, Anonymous Camera App is designed as a tool of journalists, whistleblowers, researchers, and activists who need to record sensitive information while protecting themselves and their sources. In an age of growing facial recognition use, this app helps you resist the erosion of our right to privacy.

  • Facial recognition and full-body anonymization: the app can recognize faces in a frame and can anonymize them either by applying a solid color, noise, or blur. You can choose to hide either people’s whole bodies or just their face. State of the art recognition allows faces to be anonymized from all angles and during movement. (full-body anonymization is only available on iPhone XS and up)
  • Remove metadata: users can choose to delete any and all metadata associated with the video, including time, date, and location.
  • Distorted audio: distort the audio track to anonymize people’s voices.
  • Split screen: control how much of the frame is anonymized to perform interviews while protecting your sources.
  • Real-time processing: files are anonymized in real-time using on-device machine learning and computer vision technology, ensuring that the data is untraceable from the beginning.
  • Local storage: all processing and storage are done locally. Nothing ever goes to the cloud (try us and use it with flight mode enabled).

The new Anonymous Camera uses machine learning to identify people in images and videos and then blur, pixelate, or block out entirely faces or whole bodies. Perhaps most importantly, Anonymous Camera processes content in real-time on users’ devices, something that wasn’t possible before recent advances in AI.

[Image source: Apple App store]

Being able to block out feature altogether is important, as some blurring and pixelation methods can be reversed, and individuals can often be identified not just by their faces but by their clothing, tattoos, and other identifying markers.

However, the videos or photos only exist in their original state for a brief time as the app amends them. So, if someone’s phone is confiscated at a later date, no uncensored files will be available.

Anonymous Camera is free to download on iOS today, but a paid upgrade (for $1.99) is required to unlock the ability to record video without watermarks. Playground says that all proceeds from the upgrade from the first month of sale will be donated to Minnesota-based nonprofit Black Visions Collective and the not-for-profit media collective Unicorn Riot.

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