This 58-year-old woman learned hacking to hack into a firm that ruined her


58-year-old Danielle Bulley turned into computer hacker to take revenge on a former business associate and make it go bankrupt

Hell hath no fury like a woman who lost her business. This 58-year-old learned hacking only to take revenge!!!  Danielle Bulley, from Blind Lane, Tockwith, took to hacking after her former business associate caused huge financial losses. She not only learned how to hack, she was also even able to hack into the webserver of her former business associate’s company, who she claims ruined here.

Once she gained access to the business associate’s firm, Letterbox Productions Ltd’s cloud-based Dropbox account, she calmly deleted all the files stored there. In fact, it took her nearly five hours to delete every one piece of the 5,000 employee and supplier files and company manuals stored by Letterbox online.

By doing so, she also became one of only a few dozen people per year to be successfully prosecuted in the UK under the 1990 Computer Misuse Act.

Danielle had a successful property marketing business going earlier. She claims that her former business associate ruined here business and forced her to go into liquidation. After liquidating, the business associate launched a new company called Letterbox Productions Ltd., using the assets of her old company.

Danielle seems to have a legit cause to harbor hatred towards her ex-associate and Letterbox. She spent the next several months learning hacking online. Once she gained the knowledge, she hacked into the new company’s servers and permanently deleted all their data – more than 5,000 documents in total.

Danielle was caught and tried at the York Crown Court, Leeds. The former associate told the court that Danielle’s hacking incident caused job losses and the loss of almost £100,000. He added that the damage to the business was so great, the company could no longer function and had to fold.

The Judge hearing the case was lenient to Danielle. Since she had no previous convictions and he handed her an 18-month community service sentence with 80 hours’ unpaid work.


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