This 13 year old girl from New Jersey designed an fully-functional IBM Watson-powered AI chatbot in just two weeks


Harita Suresh a 13-year-old girl from New Jersey has designed a fully-functional IBM Watson-powered AI chatbot in just 2 weeks

Harita Suresh being just 13 years has created a fully-functional IBM Watson-powered AI chatbot within two weeks. The 13-year old said that she has been active in the ongoing technology since the age of 5. When eighth-grader Harita Suresh found herself stuck at home due to the coronavirus, she decided to use her extra time to learn something new.

After perusing, she settled on a course from IBM called AI chatbots without programming, which claimed that she would be able to build a fully functional chatbot with no prior knowledge about AI.

 I have been interested in technology since I was 5. My first coding challenge was the Lightbot Hour of Code. I was fascinated that the code I wrote could control the actions of the characters on screen. Since then, I pursued coding on multiple platforms like, CodeMonkey, and CodeCombat. The more I learned about tech, the more I wanted to know. In fifth grade, I took a Python programming course offered by Georgia Tech.

Harita Suresh

As she worked through the course at her own pace, Harita quickly realized she was ready to put what she’d learned to use. Her mom suggested that she should apply the concepts from the course to create a chatbot for her father’s company, Analyze-Ed, a company that works with high schools to help administrators, teachers, and students with their college and career readiness.

She added that her mother, Hiranmayee Subramaniam, “taught afterschool coding classes at my middle school for two years,” during which Harita’s “team placed first in the CodeRush National coding competition, twice.”

Rita went live in the first week of April 2020.

We thought the chatbot would be a good way for students to learn more about the test, as they may not have access to school resources to help them navigate the college planning phase.

Harita’s father, Suresh Kashyap.

Students can access and chat with Rita both on the web and on mobile platforms. And Harita has plans to add natural language processing capabilities to Rita so students can audio chat with her.

Harita, who swims for the New Jersey Bolts, paints, and plays piano, said she will continue to update Rita because the unpredictability of the coronavirus is directly impacted to schools (at all levels) worldwide, some struggle to keep current or learn new skills.

It’s so amazing to hear that kids are taking these challenges so actively, we also reported an 11-year-old Indian kid developed a website for viewers to easily access information on space missions. For more tech and cybersecurity news subscribe to our newsletter from here.


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