The U.S. National Security Agency warns against using VPNs


The United States National Security Agency warns that VPNs could be vulnerable to cyber attacks

The United States National Security Agency (NSA) has issued a new cybersecurity advisory on Thursday, warning that virtual private networks, or VPNs, could be vulnerable to attacks. The warning was issued by CYBERCOM, the NSA arm for handling cybersecurity.

In the warning, Cybercom says that VPNs are being widely used by organizations after the dreaded coronavirus pandemic. VPNs allow organizations to mitigate cyber threats emanating from work from home devices. A VPN allows users to establish private, encrypted connections to another network over the internet. They are used widely by corporations and other organizations to protect proprietary data from hackers while employees work remotely.

However, Cybercom believes that VPNs could be targeted by hackers in a large scale hacking campaign. “We certainly see adversaries focused on telework infrastructure,” the official said. “We’ve seen exploitation and as a result, have felt that this was a product that is particularly helpful now.”


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