The best 5 Dark Web Search Engines


The Top 5 Dark Web Search Engines

The dark web! Unknown and unquantified like the deepest point in the ocean. But sadly it doesn’t have a Google, Yahoo, or other search engines to help you navigate it. Since the TOR network was released in 2002, users of the dark and deep web have looked to different solutions for navigating their way around the deep and dark web.

Since then many onion websites have emerged which list top onion sites marketplaces, shops, and forums. These lists weren’t always up-to-date and many of the links were broken. Most of them didn’t really work but a Tor user had no alternative. Since then a lot has changed on the dark web.

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Nowadays dark web search engines were able to collect more recent search results from multiple marketplaces and forums. However, Tor search engines still face two major challenges. Most of them don’t cover other dark web networks like Zeronet, I2P, etc. Secondly, they are not dynamic like Google and don’t update regularly. Being on the dark web makes it difficult for the search engine spiders to record them as most of these sites and channels want to offer maximum anonymity and remain hidden.

Despite that, there are a few search engines that do work on the dark web. We have compiled a list of the top five search engines that you can use for searching on the dark web.

The Top 5 Dark Web Search Engines

Candle : 

The Top 5 Dark Web Search Engines

Candle is the Google of the dark web. It is the top search engine with over 100, 000 webpages of search results that include the forums, market places, and shops. Considering its reach, it is very popular among hackers and cybercriminals. Candle has a response time of 5 seconds but sadly it doesn’t allow a deep search with parentheses, boolean operators or quotes

Link: gjobqjj7wyczbqie[dot]onion


The Top 5 Dark Web Search Engines

Torch was developed in 1996 and is still rated as the top search engine for the dark web. It even has a surface website here. It is also the first dark web search engine that is publicly available. The name is a play on the term “TOR search.”  Torch claims to have over one billion dark web pages indexed. They also claim that they don’t censor search results or track what you search for. Torch as a response time of 3 seconds. Sadly it doesn’t list the top forums or market places on its first page for some reason.

Link: cnkj6nippubgycuj[dot]onion


The Top 5 Dark Web Search Engines

Kilos is one of the newest search engines for the dark web and was released in 2019. Kilos possibly evolved from the well-known dark web search engine “Grams”, which ceased operations in 2017. Both Grams and Kilos are dark web search engines that clearly imitate the well-known design and functionalities of the Google search engine. Kilos has a special search string for drugs and is very popular among cybercriminals. Its response time is 30 seconds. Kilos also displays results of dark web websites behind a login screen. However, its index is too small.

Link: dnmugu4755642434[dot]onion


The Top 5 Dark Web Search Engines

Ahima was first released in 2014 and has its own surface website here. Ahima has open-source Clearnet search engine that was developed with support from the Tor Project. Ahmia delivers a deep and dark web search engine for those who don’t have access to Tor by integrating with Tor2Web and providing access to onion sites. Since it collects these public onion addresses and indexes them for easier navigation, onion site operators frequently register their site using Ahmia.

It has a very fast search engine with a response time of 3 seconds but a very small index of 3000 dark web pages.

Link:  msydqstlz2kzerdg[dot]onio


The Top 5 Dark Web Search Engines

Tor66 is a dark web search engine with the goal of providing high-quality search results for onion websites. Submissions of onion websites are open to the public. The search engine makes money through different paid search ads and advertisements. It has an index of nearly 100,000 dark web websites and is quite fast.

Link:  tor66sezptuu2nta[dot]onion

We have come a long way from 2002 when searching the dark web was near about impossible. Now with better indexing techniques, search engines give better results. But we will have to wait for the day that the dark web has its own Google which will list all the data available on the dark web.



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