The $1400 Microsoft Surface Duo can’t be repaired if it breaks!


iFixit teardown shows that the $1400 Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen Android smartphone can’t be repaired if it breaks down or cracks

Imagine owning a dual-screen smartphone that comes with obsolete technology and is priced more than top Apple and Samsung flagships like iPhone and Galaxy S20 and cannot be repaired if it breaks. Yes, Microsoft’s $1400 Surface Duo is nearly impossible to repair if it breaks down.

The good folks at iFixit performed their typical teardown to figure out how hard it is to replace a broken component in the Microsoft’s Surface Duo dual-screen Android smartphone. As the results are bad if you are considering buying Microsoft’s latest gizmo. The Surface Duo has received a repairability score of just 2 out of 10. The score of 2 means that while it is possible to repair a broken Surface Duo, it might not be worthwhile to repair it.

The iFixit score of 10 being the easiest to repair while anything under 5 is sub-par. In simple words, with a crore of 2/10, the Surface Duo isn’t impossible to repair but is pretty close to this point.

There is a silver lining for those who have already pre-ordered it. If your Microsoft Surface Duo screen cracks or breaks, it can be replaced very quickly. A shattered display is the most common smartphone ailment we suffer. iFixit guys found out that installing a new display screen on the Surface Duo can be done without removing other components.

However, other than the display, repairing Surface Duo is a non-starter. The iFixit teardown shows that replacing it broken batteries is near about impossible in Surface Duo as the batteries are glued. To replace the batteries, the engineers would have to disassemble most of the Surface Duo components. The same is the case with the USB-C port which is soldered directly to the motherboard.

Microsoft has also used the Apple iPhone like tri-point screws which are hard to unscrew without special equipment. This means that your friendly neighborhood mobile repairman can’t repair it. Microsoft engineers also seem to love glue as most of the components are glued in. The glue makes it impossible to remove and repair components without breaking the gadget.

If you have indeed bought the Microsoft extravaganza, just hope that your $1400 Surface Duo running on an older 855 Snapdragon processor won’t need any repairs.


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