Team-Xecuter hacking group to release jailbreak tool for all versions of Nintendo Switch


Team-Xecuter hackers to release SX Core and SX Lite tools to crack and jailbreak all versions of the Nintendo Switch

Unlike other industries, the coronavirus pandemic has emerged as a boon for the video gaming developers and console makers. One of them is Nintendo which has had to increase the production of the Nintendo Switch in 2020 to meet the demand. However, even Nintendo Switch is not free from problems. Team-Xecutor, who had earlier released the jailbreak tool for the earlier versions of Nintendo Switch in 2018, have announced that they will be releasing two tools, SX Core and SX Lite which could allow gamers to jailbreak any version of the Nintendo Switch.

In a thread on their website, Team-Xecutor hacking and game cracking group claim that they have developed SX Core and SX Lite tools to achieve a hard break for all Switch series. The hacking group said that they have exploited hardware vulnerabilities in the Nintendo Switch standard version, battery life version, and Switch Lite released to develop the crack.

In what could be heartening news for gamers, the hacking group also said that the cracked Nintendo Switch can be used by downloading network resources. And it doesn’t require players to purchase genuine games (physical card or digital version).

While this is good news for gamers, it will undoubtedly cause huge losses to Nintendo. Team-Xecuter is offering the crack tools for sale on its website and Nintendo is doing everything it can to stop the cracks from being distributed.

Nintendo has submitted an application to the US court to issue a permanent shutdown order to the seller of cracking tools mainly based on Team-Xecuter. However, the impact on such a court order would be minimal on the crack tool distribution because once Nintendo Switch is cracked it is difficult to monitor.  Therefore, Nintendo currently has no way to effectively combat this infringement. It can only make up for it by launching a new version of the console.


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