Taiwan government database leaked, over 20 million Taiwanese data is being sold on dark web


Taiwan government database with 20 million Taiwanese data leaked on Dark Web

A report that was released on 29th may say that a government database of more than 20 million Taiwanese citizens was leaked on the dark web. According to researchers at Cyble Inc., Toogod, a “known and reputable actor” was found to have released the data titled “Taiwan Whole Country Home Registry DB” onto the dark web. It is unusual for an entire nation’s database to be leaked.

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According to the actor, the leak is from 2019. Our preliminary analysis noted the last DOB record was from 2008. However, it should be noted that there are certain records with ‘NULL/empty’ DoB records, hence it’s hard to confirm how recent it is.

The database leak was sized about 3.5GB that included Full Name, Full Address, ID, Gender, Date of birth, and Phone number of the Taiwan citizens.

[Image source: Cyble]

As you can see the database label ‘ Taiwan whole country home registry DB (20M+)’ was being sold on the dark web. The hacker also captioned the image as whole country government data. The Taiwan government is yet to release an official statement about the data leak. Stay tuned on Android Rookies for further updates on the matter. For more news on cybersecurity and tech subscribe to our newsletter from here


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