Tails Operating Sytem, the most hack-proof OS had added support for Secure Boot


Tails operating system for PCs/Laptops -the OS recommended by Edward Snowden, is now capable of booting on systems where UEFI Secure Boot is enabled

The world’s most secure operating system, Tails OS has just gotten more secure. The Tails operating system which is optimized for maximum privacy and anonymity now allows secure boot option. The just-released version 4.5 of Tails OS now supports UEFI Secure Boot.

Many of you who are not familiar with UEFI Secure Boot, it works by authenticating the firmware files at startup. Any cryptographic signatures that don’t match during a computer’s boot-up process or are tampered with, the PC/Laptop won’t launch the operating system and send out a signal that the PC/laptop has been hacked.

UEFI Secure Boot specification was first specified in the 2000s, however it is rarely used by OS manufacturers. It is one of the main reasons that operating systems like Windows 7 or Windows 10 are so vulnerable to boot level malware. Though it is available in the Windows operating system, it is rarely used. One of the key reasons for not using UEFI Secure Boot is that not all firmware vendors cryptographically sign their files, leaving the door open to malware or a backdoor.

As said above, the UEFI secure boot is available for Windows, Windows Server, Fedora, Debian, RHEL, CentOS, and openSUSE but rarely used by PC/laptop makers.

Tails OS 4.4 has already brought updated Tor Browser (9.0.6), Thunderbird (68.5.0), and the Linux kernel (5.4.19). With the new Linux kernel update, newer hardware will be supported. Additionally, an issue has been fixed which prevented those with Realtek RTL8822BE and RTL8822CE chipsets from connecting to the Wi-Fi.

Launched in 2009, Tails OS is meant to be launched from DVDs or USB thumb drives, operates solely in a computer’s RAM, runs all network traffic through the Tor network, and does not leave artifacts on the hard drive unless specifically configured to do so.


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