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COVID-19 Lockdown not to affect your study, Study through the National Digital Library of India (NDLI)

COVID-19 has locked countries all over the world by its existence, due to this pandemic situation there are multiple factors being affected globally. One of those factors is Education, due to this lockdown all over the country the students are been affected by having fewer resources to study. The students have to attend online lectures and make their own notes and prepare for the examinations. Watching all these factors affecting the students the NDLI has got its library login free access and much more here are some instructions given by NDLI

  1. Though the resources can be accessed without being logged-in, for the better experience, it is advised to access NDLI after logging in. If you are not registered in NDLI, please register and then login.
  2. School students: Please click the “School” button. College Students: Please click the button relevant to your discipline.
  3. You may “Browse by Source” using the Browse button at the top left corner or right middle and select the “Source” you are interested in.
  4. You may also search the repository by putting the topic of study (such as “Binomial Theorem”) in the “Search” window above.


You can visit the NDLI (National Digital Library of India ) website from here.

The CBSE School Students of class 1-12 can also get the digital Books from here which will help you a lot in preparing your examinations. Stay Tuned on Android Rookies for more tech news like this which can change the way you think.


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