How to store unlimited photos on any Android smartphone using Google Photos


You Can Save Unlimited Photos on Your Android Smartphone Like Google Pixel 2 using Google Photos

One of the main problems most Android smartphone users face is the shortage of memory. Especially those who are avid photography fans and want to capture their day to day life on their Android smartphones. These Android users usually find that one fine day their Android smartphone internal memory, as well as the MicroSD card, is full of memory and they have to either delete the photos or put a new MicroSD card.

Technology giant Google acknowledged this fact and has come up with a solution in its latest Google Pixel 2 Android smartphones. Both the two newly released Google’s Android smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have a special feature which lets users save unlimited photos of any resolution (lo-res or hi-res) on Google Photos.

For normal Android smartphone users, this limit is 15GB for all Google products including Google Photos. All this data is saved to their Google Drive. Android smartphone users have to shell out money to expand this memory by buying more space from Google.

Now, our friends at XDA forums have discovered a way to allow all (any) Android smartphone user to get unlimited data storage space on Google Photos.

How to Enable Unlimited Google Photos Storage & Pixel Exclusive Wallpapers on Any Android Phone

First and foremost do not that this process needs your Android smartphone to be rooted.

In case it is rooted, you can these steps:

  1. Download nexus.xml to your phone.
  2. Open your root file manager of choice (this XDA member used Solid Explorer but you can use any root file explorer here such as MiXplorer)
  3. Copy the nexus.xml file you just downloaded and paste it in /system/etc/sysconfig.
  4. Afterwards, set the file permissions to 644 (rw-r–r–).
  5. Reboot your phone.
  6. Once booted up, go to the Settings page for Google Photos and wipe Google Photos’ app data. (Note : Redditor /u/stek29 has performed some more testing of this trick and has discovered that you may not need to wipe data in Google Photos, the file need not be named nexus.xml, and that the only flag being checked for is apparently NEXUS_PRELOAD.)
  7. You’re done!

Changing the xml file will make your existing Android smartphone into thinking it is Google Pixel Android smartphone and you should be greeted by a dialog saying that you’re now able to use unlimited storage on your Google Pixel device.

As a bonus, changing the xml file also allows you access to default Google Pixel 2 wallpaper on the Urbane category and many more wall papers.

In case the above method does not work try the below method

If the above method doesn’t work on your Android smartphone you can try optional Build.Prop Edits if necessary. Just placing the file in the sysconfig directory should be enough for most devices. If, however, placing the above file didn’t work for you, you will have to get your hands even dirtier. Download BuildProp Editor and then find and change/set the following build.prop values:

ro.product.model=Pixel 2 XL

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