Stack Overflow Survey: What do programmers most often do if they get stuck while programming?


What do programmers do when they get stuck while programming? Here is your answer!

According to a developer survey held by Stack Overflow in February, we got to know the top 10 programming languages that are most dreaded for a developer. From the same survey, we also got to know the top 20 programming languages that pay a developer more than $50k Salary. Nearly 65,000 developers told Stack Overflow that how they learn and level up, which tools they’re using, and what they want in February 2020.

This report is based on a survey of 65,000 software developers from 186 countries around the world. This is the number of responses we consider “qualified” for analytical purposes based on time spent on the full, completed survey; another approximately 400 responses were submitted but not included in the analysis because respondents spent less than three minutes on the survey.

said Stack Overflow in a blog

There comes a stage in every programmer’s lifetime where they get clueless, idealess, and questioned where they get stuck while programming.  There are multiple reasons that a programmer gets stuck some maybe over programming, lack of knowledge, blank, and many more. While here we have got the best solutions when a programmer gets stuck while programming.

What do programmers do when they get stuck?

Stack Overflow says We asked respondents what they do when they get stuck on a problem. Almost 90% reported that they visit Stack Overflow. This is an encouraging sign that we’re succeeding in our mission to help people get access to the knowledge they need to get things done.

  1. Visit Stack Overflow: 90.6%
  2. Do other work and come back later: 54.4%
  3. Watch help/tutorial videos: 52.8%
  4. Call a coworker or friend: 49.9%
  5. Go for a walk or other physical activity: 43.3%
  6. Play games: 15.0%
  7. Meditate: 11.7%
  8. Panic: 10.9%
  9. Visit another developer community: 10.3%

This is what a programmer does when it gets stuck while coding. This is a survey taken by Stack Overflow in February 2020 and 65,000 developers have shared their valuable reviews. While the Stack Overflow also informs that only 0.3% of respondents were from the developers that have never visited Stack Overflow and the ones that were new to the developer survey conducted each year.

What do you think about the programmer’s block? What would you do if you get stuck while coding? Do share your valuable views in the comment section below. To stay updated on Tech and Cybersecurity news subscribe to our newsletter from here


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