Speculations over why Niantic’s Pokémon GO servers will be down from 1st June


Why will the Pokémon GO servers be down on 1st June 2020 – Speculation time!

The Pokémon Go world is in a bit of disarray ever since the developers of Pokémon Go, Niantic announced that the Pokémon Go servers will be down on 1st June 2020 from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PDT.

Niantic announced the time for Pokémon Go downtime in a very vague announcement, only saying that the servers would be down for approximately 7 hours. This announcement set off a string tweets, social media posts, and doomsday predictions on forums. After all, the Pokémon Go servers never had downtime after the game’s launch. In fact, Niantic has never announced an intended major server shutdown.

The Pokémon Go down outrage was fuelled by the fact that Niantic recently added code to the game to handle such an event.

One of the speculations that shows the biggest promise is Niantic migrating all of their data to a new database system. Reddit user yung_lw posted a screenshot of a news article in Pokémon Go with the title “news_header_may_2020_spannermigration.” Link to the post here.

It says that Niantic would be migrating the Pokémon Go servers to the Spanner database. Spanner is a NewSQL based database developed by Google, . Chances of this being true are very high and it could also mean that a large number of Pokémon Go users could lose their game data, Pokémons, and XPs during this migration. Niantic however, will ensure that all the existing data is migrated properly and nothing got lost/corrupted.

Another speculation is that Niantic is planning a major update to Pokémon Go. About a month ago the rewards for levels 41-50 were pushed to the Game Master file. It could be possible that Niantic is increasing the level cap. Many trainers have been asking for this for years, as there is a large number of level 40 players in the game right now, and a significant number of those trainers have reached the experience requirement for level 40 multiple times over.

It could be possible that Niantic is going for complete Pokémon Go gym overhaul. In 2017 the Gym system was completely overhauled for the first time. It could be possible that Niantic is doing it again.

Some players think Pokémon Go is finally getting an integration to Pokémon Home. For those that don’t know, Pokémon home is the new cloud storage system introduced by the Pokémon company to make it easier to transfer Pokémon from one game to another. This currently only works between their old system, Pokémon Bank, the Pokémon Let’s Go games, and Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

While we don’t know the reasons for Pokémon Go downtime, it is also possible they are syncing the maps to include new features. If you are a Pokémon Go player, why do you think Niantic is taking Pokémon Go down? Level cap increase? Gym overhaul? OSM Update? Or one of the others? Let us know in the comments!


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