South Korea to use QR codes to segregate Coronavirus infected areas


South Korea to use QR codes for shops, establishments, fitness centers, clubs, bars, etc to contain COVID-19 infection

Shop, offices, and establishments in South Korea, which are deemed high risks coronavirus infected areas or COVID-19 RED Zones will have to install QR code readers, the South Korean government has decided. Most places like fitness centers, clubs, and karaoke bars which are always crowded will also have to install the QR code readers, the Korea Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (KCDC) said.

The QR code will help patrons who frequent such places avoid high-risk coronavirus infected areas. People who wish to enter such facilities will need to scan their QR code from Naver’s smartphone app. Personal data collected from the QR codes will be encrypted and destroyed after four weeks, KCDC said.

The Korea Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (KCDC) has said that facilities that don’t implement the QR code system or falsify their visitors’ list will be shut down or fined. All such facilities have until June 30 to comply and those that are currently not using the system will be given a warning and guidelines for installation.

South Korea has been at the forefront in controlling the coronavirus pandemic from spreading among its citizens. It already has made it mandatory for all establishments to check visitors’ temperature as well as mandated that visitors wear face masks. All the shops, establishments, and offices to mandatorily keep visitors’ lists of the people who visit such places.

Prior to this announcement, South Korea had already required for those in government-mandated quarantine to wear electronic wristbands. In March, the South Korean government launched apps to notify people of the inventory status of face masks in nearby pharmacies to address shortages.


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