Somebody just hacked the hacker forum and leaked information of 43,000 users


Unknown hackers breached the hacker and coder forum,, steal user information of 43,491 users and leaked it on a rival forum is a popular hacker forum for developers, coders, and hackers. Unknown hackers breached into the webservers of and stole user data of nearly 43,491 users of the forum. The hackers stole, user ids, emails, and other personal information stored on the Nulled server.

The irony of this particular data breach is that hackers then proceeded to leak the entire database on a rival hacker forum. The hackers have also leaked the entire JSON database which can be accessed here.

The data breach happened on 20th May and was reported to HaveIBeenPwned on 24th May 2020. The database contains IP and email addresses, usernames, and passwords stored as salted MD5 hashes alongside the private message history of the admin. The data was provided to HaveIBeenPwned by a source who wanted it to be attributed to “Split10”. is a popular watering hole for hackers, pentesters, programmers, and developers. It has been around since the time the was hacked in 2016. It is not known how the hackers managed to hack into Nulled servers but earlier in 2016, was hacked using software and plugins with critical vulnerabilities. Maybe the same thing happened here.


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