Somebody hacked this woman’s webcam and told her “suck my d***”


Woman shellshocked after unknown hacker took control of her webcam and asked her to ‘suck my d***’

This creepy thing should never happen to you. Imagine yourself sitting on your PC or Laptop in your bedroom and suddenly you find your webcam following you. Imagine the fright when the unknown hacker suddenly starts to abuse you over the webcam.

This chilling thing happened to a woman in Netherlands. Imagine the fright she got when her web camera turned to look at her and said “bonjour madame”. While hacking of security cameras is not new and security experts have been warning about the dangers of the Internet of Things devices, such a thing happening to someone can leave him or her petrified.

Rilana Hamer from Netherlands learned the hard way that nothing in the gadget world is secure. Rilana bought a cheap webcam from the Dutch retailer Action for keeping an eye on her puppy. The Sun says that Rilana recently graduated from university and worked at a financial services firm and owned a pup. She thought the webcam would an ideal way to keep an eye on her puppy while she was at work so she went ahead an bought a cheap unbranded webcam.

Everything was fine but one fine day when Rilana was entertaining a guest, she noticed the rotating camera swivel to look at her from across the room.

“I heard, bonjour madame,” she wrote in a Facebook post that has since gone viral. To confirm her worst fears, Rilana moved to left and right and lo and behold, the camera followed her. “I moved to the left and right, and the camera came with me”.

Rilana immediately knew that somebody had hacked her webcam so she took out her smartphone to record chilling clip. Like a clip straight out of some horror film, the video shows a mumbled voice having a conversation with terrified Rilana as she screams “get out of my house”.

It continues to swivel, before uttering “suck my d***”.

Rilana made a Facebook post to relate her ordeal to others. The post which is in Dutch is given below (using Google Translate so the translation errors are regretted)

I thought I was going crazy. I came home and do my daily things. Make messages and tidy up, singing through your house .. until you suddenly hear a mess in the living room. I walked into the living room and I saw my camera move. The camera I bought a month or two ago at the Action. You connect it to your WiFi and plug it into your power outlet. With a password on it and a safe installation, I could keep an eye on my house (I hope). You can operate it on your phone and listen to what’s happening in your home. This was perfect because I just had a puppy putting everything on top. The most ideal was that you could also talk through the webcam and communicated so ideally .. but now, back to my story ..

The camera went back and forth .. My phone was lying on bed and I had no idea what he was doing. Was he updating? Prima .. I turned around and went on packing my groceries again. Suddenly I hear rumbling .. Do I get mad now ?! No .. I walked over there, the camera turned my side and I heard: “Bounjour madame”. I responded Geshockt: “Hi, is anyone there?” … I moved left and right and the camera turned with me. “Bonjour madame, tout bienavecvous?”

I ran to the camera, pulled out the plug and threw it in a box. I was full of fear and thought I was crazy. I’m being watched, but for how long? What has that person seen from me? My house, my personal possessions ..
During dinner, A friend of mine wondered how this was possible so we decided to put the camera one more time down with the lens to the wall. Would it be answered?
Within 1 minute it was hit …
– Hello
– Do you speak French?
I: sorry ?!
– Do you speak French?
Me: No, English!
I: What did you do?

– it’d good?
I: no! Get the fuck out of my house, now!
Shut the f**& off!
– (no idea?)
I; shut the f*** of my house, go away!
– hola senorita!
I; yes f*** you!
– ohhhhhhh suck my d***!
We took out the power plug and put the camera back in the box.
Crying out of battle
My privacy, my house, my personal stuff and myself … I’m afraid .. terrified.
Please Action, take this camera out of the assortment .. please ..

You can imagine what Rilana went through if you read her Facebook post. The post went viral and has already had 379,000 views. Rilana says that she wants others to be aware of the dangers of such hacking attempts.

Webcam and security camera hacking is not new. A quick search on Shodan will reveal hundreds of thousands of unsecured personal cameras which are available to watch online, in real-time thanks to sick websites that allow voyeurs to snoop on the general public.

The problem is so widespread even Mark Zuckerberg and Pope Francis have placed stickers over their smartphone cameras to stop someone watching them. However, buying a branded webcam would surely have given some amount of safety to Rilana. Not to say that branded cameras are not hackable but atleast you have something to go to if you find yourself in such a creepy situation.



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