Slightly Mad Studios Project CARS 3 hacked and leaked three days prior to its release


Project CARS 3 game from Slightly Mad Studios cracked and leaked by hackers three days before its scheduled launch

Hackers have managed to crack the upcoming top racing game called Project CARS 3 and leak it online. They managed to do this just three days before the scheduled launch of the Project CARS 3 racing game on 28th August 2020.

Project CARS 3 is a racing game developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is scheduled to be released on 28 August 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

However, hackers somehow got hold of the full version of Project CARS 3 game and cracked it before leaking it online. If you visit websites like, you will find the cracked version of the game. The hacking and cracking work is believed to the work of a game cracking hackers group called CODEX. Reports say that the CODEX hacker group managed early access to Project CARS 3 by purchasing a deluxe version of the game however this doesn’t seem possible as the game was yet to be released.

CODEX game/Apps hacking/cracking group is not new. The CODEX hacking group is better known as CDX on dark web forums and is primarily a warez group founded in February 2014. They have managed to release many cracked version blockbuster games using a customized Steam licensing crack. They have also developed a code to emulate Ubisoft’s Uplay DRM protection.

CDX group says that they have written their own code for the DRM emulation. CDX has been so successful at their work that from  2016 to 2020 they have leaked 3700 cracked blockbuster games on the Internet.

Project Cars 3 didn’t any great security protections and was only equipped with Steam‘s standard DRM protection so the CDX group cracked it quite easily. Most games released nowadays come with Denuvo protection which is hard to crack. Not that CDX group didn’t have the tech for it. In late 2019, a crack developed by CODEX for Need for Speed: Heat, which uses Denuvo DRM, was leaked online. CDX cracks are normally protected by anti-debugging tools like VMProtect or Themida to stop others from reverse-engineering the crack. However, the Denuvo DRM crack was leaked allegedly by a pentester. After the leak, the CDX group stopped using this particular crack but in June 2020, when they released cracked copies of Team Sonic Racing, Trials of Mana, The Quiet Man, and an updated version of Far Cry: New Dawn.

About Project Cars 3 racing game

Project CARS  3 is a racing game that features multiple game modes, track varieties, cars, and more additions. The game also features a virtual reality mode and will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Project CARS 3 introduces more customizable cars that are available to race over 140 global circuits. The game also features 24-hour cycles, various seasons, and weather effects. It uses enhanced AI and will feature a new multiplayer mode.


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