Not only Microsoft’s GitHub database, but Shiny Hunters is also selling data stolen from 14 companies on Dark Web


Microsoft’s GitHub Repositories hacker group Shiny Hunters are selling data stolen from 14 companies on Dark Web hacker forums

Its raining terabytes on the Dark Web hacker forums. We had earlier reported how a hacker group called Shiny Hunters had managed to engineer a hack into Microsoft’s GitHub repositories and steal nearly 500 gigs of data. Now it seems that Microsoft is not the only company that has been breached by Shiny Hunters. The hackers’ group has reportedly put databases belonging to 14 different companies for sale on a Dark Web market place.

According to a report on security intelligence firm Zero Fox, Shiny Hunters has put databases of nearly 11 different companies which were breached in the recent past, for sale on the dark web hacker forums. The list begins with a database of 90 million user records of Tokopedia being listed for sale on the market place. Tokopedia, Indonesia’s largest online store was breached last week.

The next big database put up for sale is India’s premier online education portal, Unacademy. Shiny Hunters stole nearly 22 million user accounts mostly belonging to students who had enrolled on the portal.

Other than the above, Shiny Hunters is also selling databases containing nearly 26 million users from meal kit delivery service HomeChef, photo print service ChatBooks, and, a news source for higher education. The asking price for this particular database is said to range between $1,500 and $2,500 each. ChatBooks database is sold at a premium for $3,500.

Here is a list of databases of 11 companies that Shiny Hunters has put up for sale on the Dark Web hacker forums:

CompanyUser RecordsPrice
Tokopedia91 million$5,000
Homechef8 million$2,500
Bhinneka1.2 million$1,200
Minted5 million$2,500
Styleshare6 million$2,700
Ggumim2 million$1,300
Mindful2 million$1,300
StarTribune1 million$1,100
ChatBooks15 million$3,500
The Chronicle Of Higher Education3 million$1,500
Zoosk30 million$500

This list by Cyble doesn’t include Tokopedia, Microsoft, and Unacademy. If we add them, Shiny Hunters have put databases of a whopping 14 companies for sale.

If you are a user of any of the above 14 companies, you should immediately reset your password. Be sure to use that unique password only on that website.


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