Shiny Hunters hacking group is selling 470 million emails and passwords for $23000


Shiny Hunters hacking group that hacked into Tokopedia, Zoosk, HomeChef, Chatbooks, StyleShare, Unacademy and more is selling 470 million logins for $23000 on hacker forums

Imagine owning more email ids and passwords then the whole population of the United States. You can do that by buying the entire hacked database by Shiny Hunters. The hacking group which gained notoriety in March 2020 by going on a multi-website hacking spree and stealing databases has put its entire ill-gotten treasure trove on the market.

Shiny Hunters hacking group which we have discussed in this article, hacked as many as 20 top-level websites dealing in academia to e-Commerce. They even managed to hack into Microsoft’s GitHub repository. Once they hacked into the webserver of the companies they stole the user information which includes email ids and passwords. According to security website, Balbix, the group’s user record haul stands at just over 174,000,000 accounts, all of which have been placed for sale on the dark web market places as well as surface web hacker forums like Raidforums.

Shiny Hunters hacking spree included websites like Tokopedia, Zoosk, HomeChef, Chatbooks, Unacademy, Microsoft GitHub repository, StyleShare, and more. Shiny Hunters are selling the stolen databases in small lots which range between $500 to $5000, but if you wanted to buy them all, you need to shell out a  mere $23,100.

Remember most of these hacked login credentials are used for multiple uses by the users. So there is a good chance these usernames and passwords may be used for banking and other sensitive purposes also. Balbix says that with the average password being reused 2.7 times, those 174 million user records can be used for a staggering 470 million logins!

So by buying all of Shiny Hunters ill-gotten treasure trove, a buyer could have access to 470 million user credentials for $23,100. It means that your personal login credentials are only worth $0.00005.


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