Several Method to Change Imei for MTK Devices

26 May 2014

Several Method to Change Imei for MTK Devices – There is several method that can we use to change or recovery your device IMEI, I lost my IMEI when i am trying to installing a new firmware for my device, when your device lost it IMEI it will lost ability to make communication. Signal will empty and when you check with *#06# it will show invalid.

Several Method to Change Imei for MTK Devices

Causes :

  • Format /emmc from recovery mode
  • Installing custom firmware
  • Change partition table on MTK devices
Today i will trying to posting a Several Method on How to Restore or Rewrite your IMEI base on MTK6589, and i think this method can be use for another MTK devices type because they has same partition structure. 

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR), Please backup your current IMEI before follow this guide.


  1. Download USB VCOM Driver and begin installation, please reboot your computer after finish installing this driver.
  2. Download MtkDroidTools v2.5.3, Run it as administrator. This tool is magnificent tool for MTK devices it has all in one functions and easy to use. MtkDroidTools v2.5.3 required your device to be ROOTED.
    Several Method to Change Imei for MTK Devices
  3. Connect you device to computer, wait for a moment and MtkDroidTools v2.5.3 will begin to detect your device, all information about your devices will be display on left section. To begin change or rewrite your IMEI click on ROOT button on right bottom click Yes on the pop up confirmation.
    Several Method to Change Imei for MTK Devices
  4. Progress on rooting is display on right section, when it show finish click on IMEI/NVRAM button, this will open a new windows contains all utility to modified IMEI, Legends :
    • Replace IMEI(2) button is used to change your current IMEI with inserted one, just insert new IMEI on IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 column or just IMEI 1 if your device not dual SIM.
    • Backup(3) button is use to backup your IMEI to computer.
    • Restore(4) button is use to restore your IMEI back to your device, but before you must click on Backup(3) button.
    Several Method to Change Imei for MTK Devices
  5. Click Yes on confirmation pop up, and reboot your device. Changes will effects after your reboot your device. After your device boot normal try to check with *#06# your IMEI will changed. [Congratulations]
MobileUncle MTK Tools
  1. Download MobileUncle MTK Tools, and install it on your device. This tool required ROOTED device for using it.
  2. Open MobileUncle MTK Tools and select Engineering Mode, select Engineer Mode (MTK), look at the top and select Connectivity and select CDS Information, select Radio Information
    Several Method to Change Imei for MTK Devices
  3. In here you can see Phone 1 and Phone2, Click on it if you wanna change or re-write your device IMEI, if you wanna change or re-write IMEI on SIM 1 the click on Phone 1 same for Phone 2.
  4. When write an IMEI we has to follow the manner or this will not work and make problem to our device. Manner :
    • For Phone 1 insert “AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1”
    • For Phone 2 insert “AT +EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2”
  5. After finish insert then click Send button.
  6. Done, Reboot your device. After normal boot please confirm it with *#06# and your IMEI will changed.
That guide for today, if your have any problem with your IMEI just follow this 2 method first because this is the most common method for use to change or re-write IMEI, if you have any problems about this guide please don’t hesitate to leave any comments, thank you for reading …
    1. Dulu punya saya juga pernah mengalami seperti itu, hal ini diakibatkan saya sering melakukan install ulang pada rom saya, suatu ketika saya melakuak wipe emmc sehingga partisi saya yang menyimpan imei terhapus, langkah yang saya lakuakn:
      1. Install ke rom asli dulu, pakai sp flash tool karena sp flash tool akan membuat partisi saya kembali seperti semula
      2. Root, agar mtk droid tool bisa bekerja
      3. Masukkan atau create ulang imei saya menggunakan mtk droid tool
      4. Namun sampai saat ini ada 1 yang blom berubah setiap install rom baru saya harus set imei saya.
      5 . dan mac address untuk wifi saya menjadi ee:ee:ee:ee:ee namun masih bisa xonnect

      Semoga bisa membantu

  1. juragan andy tolong saya, imei sim card saya msh invalid, sudah saya lakukan method sptri diatas tp tetap aja ga bisa, gimana set imei yg agan andy lakukan, pakai cara gmna agar imei sim card saya fix normal kembali, sebelum dan sesudahnya terima kasih gan andy, GBU

    1. Helo,
      Saya lakukan kayak comment diatas anda tersebut. Sejak itu saya selalu melakukan mem backup imei saya sebelum modifikasi rom. Install ulang pake sp flash tool dulu ke rom aslinya. Trus lakukan root, coba rubah inei dengan mtk droid tool atau pake mobile uncle. Mobile uncle bisa di download lewat play store.

    2. saya sudah lakukan 2 cara tersebut di atas
      menggunakan mobile uncle saya masukkan imei terus send at command selalu failed send command.
      menggunakan mtk droid tool sudah saya replace imei trus reboot HH tp check msh invalid imei.
      tolong mnta link download rom aslinya yah, mau saya coba flash ke rom asli, terima kasih sebelumnya atas respond cepat agan andy,

  2. maaf :'( android lenovo a850+ mt 6592, saya udh coba download yg katanya original > tapi saya mau flash tool DA agen tidak bisa membaca adanya file bin. (MTK_AllInOne_DA). saya pakai allin one yg sebelumnya saya pakai ternyata bisa dan work hanya saja banyak app dan bahasa chinanya. skrg saya sudah pakai mtk droid root set imei dan ternyata msh invalid :'( apa yg harus saya lakukan, seminggu sudah hanya sibuk download, baca dan utak atik HP ini :'(

    1. hi,
      try this, IMEI on mtk device stored at nvram partition, so before i do above method i install my device with original ROM using sp flash tool, after i am root my device and the do the above method. but the one that actually work is using MTK droid tool method.

      thank you, hope you solve your problem

  3. Andy sorry to ask again, ok I'm here, For Phone 1 insert “AT +EGMR=1,7,"IMEI_1”
    For Phone 2 insert “AT +EGMR=1,10,"IMEI_2”…so just write“AT +EGMR=1,7," and push send or I need to write any specific EMEI? I just write or refer on my phone?

  4. When I tried to connect with the MTKdroid, I connect the phone while the Phone is still on, and the Phone already rooted but MTK Droid say no phone connected even I already installing the driver and so on. Is there any step that I missed?

  5. So I tried both method and didnt work.. Using MTKDroid it always said about bad connection.. While mobileuncletools said something about userbuild.. I even tried using MTK Engineering Mode that does not need root.. Also the code that make MTK device go into Engineering Mode which is * # * # 3646633 # * # * .. But it still not working.. So any others method that i can use?

    1. Hi,
      I think you use android kitkat, right? Bad connection, are you already enable usb debugging? And are your device already rooted?
      More recommended if you are using jelly bean because it more easy to modified than android kitkat.

    2. No, replacing modem file just only change baseband on the about phone, so now your imei show invalid? That i still need to figure it out like root cannot acces nvram partition to write the change. That why for repairing imei i suggest to use jelly bean rather than kitkat. But if i was you i will try to find out why mtkdroid cannot detect phone. Because i like using mtk droid than mobile uncle. Try removing current driver and installing again, maybe it fix

    3. Already did that.. Didn't work.. So I reflashed the Stock ROW S920.. And manage to get back IMEI using MobileUncleTool after rooting it using framaroot.. Now trying to flash back the Kitkat Rom for S920 and CWM.. Rooting it back with superuser and hoping it work.. 😐

    1. Once your IMEI missing, it will be missing again when you chanhe the ROM. So it cannot stick when you change the ROM. But it will stay there once you restore it after flashing the ROM. Mine is always restore IMEI after finish flashing new ROM, this condition only apply on manual update not OTA update

  6. Hi Andy, need a help here. I rooted my s920 kitkat phone and flashed cwm recovery (recovery.img) using mobile uncle tools. After reboot my sim is not detected and lost my imei number too…

    Tried all possible ways to get my imei back but nothing worked for me. Would really need Ur help on this brother…

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Andy,

    Please advice if I can restore my Lenovo S960 (imei missing, no baseband) with MauiMeta since when I connected my phone to the PC in Meta mode, can't see phone model in device manager.


    1. Hi,
      Yes do it with maui meta, it the most easy tool to use for restore IMEI and error less, once IMEI restore your calling function will be restore too. Don't depend on device manager as long as maui can detect it not a big problem

    1. If you are using windows 7 or older then do install driver as ussual but if there no exe on the download file do manual installation. If you use windows 8 then disable unsign driver instalation first, search at google how to do it.
      If you don't know how to do manual installation then search at google

    2. i using window 7 ultimate 64.already manually install at device manager.browse driver n install.the result unable to update driver.i try using mtk is ok.sw can detect my device.but after insert my emei no, restarting.mtk detect my device,imei still null.for meta actually i confuse why my meta just get version?

    3. i am confuse with your language, you mean with mtk you success insert but no reboot ? right. it your device already rooted ? mtk need root too run.
      and for maui it because you not install cdc driver, search at google how to install cdc driver.

  8. sir listen to me i am use mobile uncle but its showing this {this command is not allowed in userbuild} and i using mtk droid tool and this showing {— ERROR :system it was not remounted on ReadWrite!
    — ERROR : file adbd not install !} now please tell me ans. quickly because my phone has no imei no. please please please please

    1. Mtk droid need root to be success and mobile uncle need root too, so please make sure you already root your phone. Maui 3g not need root so i suggest you to use maui 3g, you can found the guide from the first link i give you

  9. Hi Andy,
    My phone is lenovo S820 used VIBIUI 2.0. Android 4.4.2.(root)
    I try above guide with mobile uncle.
    But when press send buttom, it said
    'This commend is not allowed in UserBuild".
    What is wrong and what should I do next?

  10. salam mr andy..mohon bantuan saudara. sy mengalami masalah invalid imei dan unknown baseband untuk s920 saya… sy telah gunakan pelbagai cara sperti engineering mode untuk ubah AT+..apabila selesai masukkan imei bila send failed. sy cuba menggunakan imei changer (xposed) juga tidak berhasil…terminal emulator juga tak berhasil…menggantikan MPOB_001 juga tak berhasil…masalah saya usb rosak kerana kemungkinan problem semasa cas…jika saudara punya cara mohon bantuan email kepada saya…[email protected]…..terima kasih saudara

  11. Wow…… !!!!! It worked amazinggggllyyyyy..

    I had tried second one method and that didn't work. But MtkDroidTools v2.5.3 worked very very fine and ease with not a single problem. I was very worried about my phone coz I had lost my phone's IMEI numbers while manually upgrading of my LENOVO A536 mobile phone. But your post and stuff really helped me so much. Thanks a lot. You are GENIUS..

  12. thankyou brother you saved my ass , the mkt droid method works as magic , the link for the mktdroid is restricted in my country so it was difficult to find the software . for all those who has problem with mtkdroid tool did not detect your device check for usb debugging and check root on your device , when you connect your device there will be a popup on your phone then press ok.
    Andy Suwito thank you bro

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