Searching Index of on Google reveals creepy images of children and women


Search of ‘Index of’ on Google Images displays some creepy images of women and children

Google is the lord and master of the Internet search universe. It can be used to sift through gigabytes of information and get the result you want. But sometimes, the results are disturbing. We had highlighted how Google was showing search results and rich snippets of Sonia Gandhi, President of India’s oldest party, INC, when you input Italian Bar Dancer as keywords. Now, we find that Google is doing something else – displaying explicit images of women and children if you input ‘index of’ in Google Search and click on Google images.

This is a very critical cybersecurity issue and could violate privacy of these children and women. The issue was brought to light in a Reddit thread where the original poster wants to know how these images are shown in Google search.

Search of 'Index of' on Google Images displays some creepy images of women and children

The answer to that question is that these images seem to be from random directories of websites saved across the globe. Another Reddit user quipped that they could be anything from someone’s unsecured NAS to some online magazine’s image directory. However, he too agreed that Google indexing these NSFWish images and displaying them could be a cybersecurity issue.

Another Reddit user offered a suggestion that someone used unsecured servers to store their images free of cost and with much less risk. While another user dug a little deep and discovered “someone’s full sex tapes records, alongside hundreds of old pictures of families, vacations, and everything people took pictures of in the 00’s.”

Bing search of ‘index of’ doesn’t return such results. I couldn’t find such images on DuckDuckGo but a Redditor confirmed that DuckDuckGo was also displaying similar explicit images of women and children.

Seems like Google’s algorithm is not the only one messed up. This is serious cybersecurity and privacy issue. Any wannabe cybercriminal can use these images to stalk, hack, or extort money from the women and children(their parents) displayed by Google. It is quite easy nowadays to track anybody on the Internet with a deep image search. As you already know, there are plenty of tools available to do a reverse search of the image.


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