School kid develops Vapor Store, a Popcorn Time similar alternative for Pirating Steam games


Schoolboy Sushy develops a Software Vapor Store that helps you to download steam games easily

Vapor store is a newly launched downloading tool that can help you to download steam games very easily. The software seems to be a similar concept like the Popcorn Time that helped users to download movies easily. Like Kodi, Vapor Store doesn’t come with any unlicensed media installed but after a simple tweak can provide access to a huge library of Steam games.

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According to the TorrentFreak blog, The Vapor store developer ‘Sushy’ said that he’d always liked the idea of having a simple-to-use program to download games. So, putting his newly-acquired coding skills to the test, he embarked on this “challenging and rewarding” open-source project.

Well if you look at the Popcorn Time, the app used to pull the torrent leechers and seeders for downloading a movie, while the Vapor Store is completely different. You have to import the downloading link from the desired location and import it to the Vapor store. Then the Vapor Store will generate a list based on the data from the site the user inserted.

Vapor Store

[Image Source: TorrentFreak]

Users are required to input a source site to render it useful and it’s already an open secret that the software currently only works with video game download site Steamunlocked. Once connected to that site, The Vapor Store utilizes the database at IGDB, presenting game titles, previews, and screenshots along with cover art.

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“When you click on a game you get even more information such as a short description and some screenshots. To install a game the user simply needs to click on the ‘Download’ button and then Vapor Store will do its thing,”

Sushy explains.

After the downloading is completed the Vapor store will install it and the game will automatically get added to the user’s library and from there they will be able to run the game

However, the vapor store is still at its development stage and may be launched soon. let us hope everything goes right as the concept of the app is amazing and all the gamers and windows users might be excited to use it. What do you think about the Vapor Store? what more you expect from the developers to add in the software? Do share your views in the comment section below.

[Source: TorrentFreak]

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