Scan any mobile, telephone number and get Callers details within seconds with the new Truecaller App


Now scan any mobile number or telephone number and get Callers details within seconds on your Android smartphone/iPhone with the new Truecaller version (v 8.60.5)

TrueCaller is a tool that enables you to identify an incoming call so that you know who is trying to contact you before you answer the phone. That means you can block any unwanted numbers so that they can never call you again. When you receive calls from unfamiliar numbers, TrueCaller will tell you how many users have marked the number as unwanted. That helps you quickly figure out if the call is interesting or important – or not. TrueCaller is a useful app for anyone who has had it with telemarketers and other unwanted calls. When this app installed, you’ll never have to deal with unwanted calls again.

In this article, we will show you the updates Truecaller have added to their latest version App. Download the latest version of Truecaller here.

The Latest update of Truecaller App has sized 17.7 MB and the update was passed on October 14, 2017. The latest Truecaller app features :

  1. Scan any number with your camera and find details on Truecaller
  2. Improved protection from spam SMS
  3. Various bugs fixed
  4. Many new themes including Pitch Black
  5. Spam Folder – keep all your junk spam SMS away from your Inbox
  6. Truecaller PRO is now a recurring subscription – no need to pay every month

The update was majorly based on – Scan any number with your camera and find details on Truecaller. Tutorial of this update is given below(video):

Note: This feature is available only for printed mobile/telephone numbers.


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