Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 20 to be priced at $999, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra would start at $1,299


New Samsung Android smartphone Galaxy Note20 base price will be $999 while the top-end Galaxy Note20 Ultra would start at $1,299

It is the season of launches and Samsung is readying its flagship Android smartphones for launch. Every year, Samsung releases its own flagships just before Apple’s September iPhone release to take on the latest iPhone. This year too, Samsung will be launching its flagship Android smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in different versions.

The South Korean company is putting everything in its latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 flagship as it comes on the back of depressing sales during the coronavirus pandemic. With Samsung S20 not quite ringing the cash registers, Samsung is hoping that Galaxy Note 20 would do the trick.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20

According to serial leaker Ice Universe, the Galaxy Note20 is likely to begin at $999 for the base model, while the Galaxy Note20 Ultra would come with a $1,299 starting price tag.

The prices look quite expensive especially during these depressing times but Samsung hopes that Apple would be pricing it’s iPhone 12 in a similar price range. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is priced near to iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is often considered its biggest rival despite not having a stylus.

The launch date of Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Serial leaker Ice Universe also claimed the Galaxy Note20 is due to be unveiled by Samsung on August 5, most likely alongside a series of other devices, including the Galaxy Fold 2 and the Galaxy Watch 3.

August 5 is the right date for Samsung to launch its next flagship, Galaxy Note 20. It would take Samsung a month to ship the devices which gives it enough time to take on Apple’s iPhone 12 launch.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will have a whopping 120Hz display and a Snapdragon 865 processor and/or Exynos 992. In terms of storage, there’s a chance the top Note would come with 512GB, while the memory is likely to receive an upgrade too to 16GB on the high-end configurations.


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