Samsung is building new Exynos processors specifically for Windows PC


Reports say Samsung is building new Exynos processors that will be specifically used for Windows PC

Exynos is a series of ARM-based system-on-chips developed by Samsung Electronics’ System LSI Division and manufactured by Samsung Electronics’ Foundry division. It is a continuation of Samsung’s earlier S3C, S5L, and S5P line of SoCs. Exynos is distinct from the competing Qualcomm SoCs, but shares similarities to other SoCs offered by MediaTek and Huawei, particularly noting its identical CPU and GPU configuration for most of the recent models.

According to Softpedia News, the Korean Electronics giant Samsung is building Exynos processors that will be specifically used for Windows PC. Various tests showed the Galaxy S20’s Exynos 990 perform poorly compared to rival chips from Apple and Qualcomm.

The company’s semiconductor division has already made a deal with Vivo for its Exynos chipsets. We’ve seen the Chinese firm release various smartphones with Exynos 980 and Exynos 880 SoCs. It is now being reported that Samsung is developing a new Exynos chipset for Windows PCs. Apparently, the new ARM processor is based on the Exynos 1000, and it could be called Exynos 1.

Recently, Samsung’s next flagship processor Exynos 1000, has been leaked. Unlike other chipsets, Exynos 1000 processor will be based on 5nm technology. It will also use the new RDNA GPU technology never seen in any processor before. The report states that Samsung could be using ARM Cortex-A78 as high-performance cores for its next-gen Exynos 1000 SoC.

The new chipset with ARM architecture will not be equivalent to the x86 processors developed by Intel, but this should not be a big problem, Microsoft also delivers a version of Windows 10 specially adapted for ARM processors. It even includes support for running x86 applications for PC, which is true, run through a software emulation solution that involves some performance penalties.

It is still unclear when will the company release an official statement on this and when it will be launched for Windows PC. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by subscribing to our newsletter from here.


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