Samsung could follow Apple and ship its future smartphones without charger


Apple has started a dirty trend of shipping iPhone 12 without charger and Samsung could follow it with its Galaxy S21

Customers are like milking cows for smartphone manufacturers. What Apple starts, the rest of the smartphone manufacturers follow. Back in 2016, Apple started a trend to ship its iPhone 7 without the 3.5 mm headphone jack and pretty soon almost every smartphone manufacturer followed. Similarly, iPhone X introduced the notch and now almost every smartphone has a notch.

Now, Apple is starting a trend to ship its latest iPhone 12 without a charger. This will make the iPhone 12 buyers shell out extra money for the charger. In other words, if you buy the new iPhone 12, the only way to recharge it is to use your old iPhone charger or buy one brand-new from Apple. Apple knows that iPhone 12 buyer will have to buy a new charger to take advantage of improved and faster-charging capabilities. The trick is to make as much money as possible by milking the customer.

But the sad thing is that Android smartphone makers could follow this trend even for budget smartphones. Samsung is already making plans to ship it’s Samsung Galaxy S21 Android smartphone without a charger in 2021. A South Korean website says that Samsung is deciding on whether to remove the charger from new phone boxes. The website says that the decision has not yet been made but chances are that new Samsung smartphones won’t be shipped with a charger.

Luckily, Apple’s plans to ship iPhone 12 without chargers were leaked very late so Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will ship with chargers as usual.


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