Russian hackers deface dozens of Polish websites to coincide with NATO exercises


Russian hackers deface dozens of Polish website to coincide with NATO’s Defender Europe-2020 exercise

There is a war of attrition going on in Poland. Russian hackers are on a hacking spree in Poland taking down and defacing nearly dozens of Polish websites. The object of this hacking war is to drive a wedge between Poland and Nato allies particularly, the United States, and the aim is to disrupt the ongoing Nato’s Defender Europe -2020 exercise.

The hacking attacks started in March 2020 and were planned to coincide with the NATO exercises Defender Europe 2020. The hacking attacks on Polish websites have drawn the attention of the Polish authorities. The authorities have identified the hacking attacks to be the handiwork of the Russian hacker group and aimed at worsening relations between Warsaw and Washington, as well as the Polish army.
Poland again became the target of information attacks that coincide with the Kremlin’s actions against the West, especially against NATO countries. The organizers of such actions used well-known methods: hacking, spoofing content on web pages, as well as a fake interview with an American General.
Stanislav Zharin, Minister in the Government of Poland for Special Services.
The Minister added that the disinformation attack coincides with the beginning of the next phase of the Defender Europe-2020 exercise and concerns military cooperation between Poland and the United States. According to Zharin, the purpose of the Russian hacking attacks was to strike at the unity of NATO and the possibility of joint actions of US and Polish forces, to destabilize relations between Warsaw and Washington.
The hacking attacks which began in March took down websites like,,, The Russian hackers have uploaded images making fun of the Polish Army, American Army and Nato on the defaced websites. The websites have since been restored but the Polish authorities expect the hacking attacks to continue.
Poland was a Russian satellite country until the breakdown of the USSR. Thereafter it has been at loggerheads with the Russian regime. It also has decided to stop importing Russian gas from 2022.

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