Russia unblocks Telegram messenger App after two years


After blocking it in 2018, Russia finally agrees to unblock the anonymous and privacy focussed Telegram Messenger App

It took two years for Russian authorities to find out that impossible to stop an idea whose time has come. The Russian Internet watchdog, Roskomnadzor banned the use of the multi-platform and privacy focussed Telegram Messenger App in 2018 when the App developer refused the Russian Federal Security Service or the FSB access to its users’ encrypted chats.

Telegram devs told the FSB at that time that it was impossible to provide them access to the encrypted chats because they were end-to-end encrypted and it was technically not possible. The Roskomnadzor was not satisfied with Telegram’s reply and blocked the use of the Telegram Messenger App in Russia at that time.

However, the Russians began using Telegram more and more during the ban period. Especially groups who opposed President Putin and his policies used Telegram extensively to communicate news about meets and protests. The Roskomnadzor found out that Telegram is so popular that is one of the top messaging Apps used by news media and government agencies

The Roskomnadzor has finally decided to remove the ban on Telegram after it’s Russian-born founder and developer Pavel Durov agreed to improve Telegram’s measures for moderating and removing “extremist propaganda”. According to Russian news agency Interfax, Telegram did not hand over access to encrypted chats but have an enhanced moderation facility for Russia.

According to Telegram, it will now be available for Russians from probably from next month onwards.


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