Rooting Lenovo S820 Running Android 4.4.2, Vibe UI 1.5

19 May 2014

Rooting Lenovo S820 Running Android 4.4.2, Vibe UI – 2 Days ago i got contacts by someone that has Lenovo S820, he asking me how to root his Lenovo S820. All links that i point to him not working he said that his Lenovo running official update 4.4.2, i am shocked how can Lenovo S820 got official update 4.4.2 ???
After searching for a while now i can figure, it turn out that he bought Lenovo S820 with Vibe UI 1.5 a custom ROM from russian community, and he got updated pop up and he think that the official update from lenovo. From that experience now i am will posted on how to root Lenovo S820 running Android 4.4.2, Vibe UI 1.5.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

Download :

Preparations :

  • enable USB Debugging, go to System Setting → Developer Options → USB Debugging. with this your device will detect by your computer.
  • Backup your important file, in case something goes wrong happen.
Rooting Lenovo S820 Running Android 4.4.2, Vibe UI 1.5 
  1. First install MT6589 usb driver, make sure everything work well and don’t forget to reboot your computer after install.
  2. Connect your device with USB Debugging enable, start Root Genius 1.9.3 using administrator privileges.
  3. Wait until Root Genius 1.9.3 detect your device, look at bottom left there will be CONNECTED sign with your device root status.
    Rooting Lenovo S820 Running Android 4.4.2, Vibe UI 1.5
  4. When you ready now you can click GREEN button on right bottom corner, wait the process and your device already successful ROOTED.
    Rooting Lenovo S820 Running Android 4.4.2, Vibe UI 1.5
  5. After finish, now install SuperSu v1.4.1, but don’t open it first. Root Genius 1.9.3 will install KingUser to your device this application is like SuperSu v1.4.1 grant access to applications for root permission.
  6. Install RootExplorer v2.20, Open it and navigate to /system/app search for kinguser.apk. Move, rename, or delete it but don’t uninstall King User App
  7. Reboot your device.
  8. Now start SuperSu v1.4.1, confirm to update the binary SU. 
  9. Finish
Another method to rooting an Android device, This method can be use to any other device base on MTK chipset. But for now if you has any problem to rooting Lenovo S820 running Android 4.4.2 Vibe UI 1.5 than you can follow this guide, Thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to leave comments if you have any problems.
  1. So I decided to try this and it didn't work..During the rooting, it stopped at around 80%. I'm running 4.4.2 and VIBEUI_V1.5_1420_3_ST_S820. Is there any other way to root the phone?
    Another question: Is there a way to install the Google Play Store? I've tried installing the apks but it didn't work..

    1. AnnieJune 4, 2014 at 4:40 PM
      So I decided to try this and it didn't work..During the rooting, it stopped at around 80%. I'm running 4.4.2 and VIBEUI_V1.5_1420_3_ST_S820. Is there any other way to root the phone?
      Same thing.. tried even that method with vroot and still nothing…farmaroot also not working… pls help…

  2. sorry..i'm a newbie here.i have a problem..i am not sure my phone specs before, but i'm using s860.using the software update in the phone, i'm running 4.4.2 VIBEUI_V1.5_1423_7_ST_S860..actually i do not know a thing..the play store lost and i think it is replaced by lenovo store and it is in CHINESE..i find it impossible to change the language..mind an opinion from admin..

    1. original software always have english and chinese language. change your language from system setting first. for installed google play you must first root your phone, change cwm / twrp for recovery and then flash google apps from it. for rooting s860 or install cwm i think i don't have any guide about that, maybe later i will post in my blog for now just look and learn about android first maybe that can help you

  3. Hi bro suwito, i just surffing arround your blog here to find some good info, and i think that you done with these very well. My device is lenovo s820 row 4gb, mYbe i will need your help oneday.. Thank you !

    1. Vibe ui v1.5 is using android kit kat 4.4.2 and it hard to root, for installing google play store you need to root your phone first. I can help you but need a little more time because i don't have any tutorial / still not write about the guide for lenovo s650. So need to wait 🙂

    1. 1. Go to system setting, language option, change to english. All in chinese language so you must recognize it from the icon.
      2. It look that google play service not compatible with the rom, so it force close because missing lib or something

    2. root genius can be use for lenovo s960 but the drivers and the other thing cannot because lenovo s820 with lenovo s960 has different chipset. so you need find driver fit for lenovo s960. You can try some people can root their kitkat with root genius but some failed.

  4. Hello Andy,
    I have Lenovo S820. I updated my system to 4.4.2 VIBEUI_V1.5_1423_7_ST_S860 two days ago. I have the same problem as shah rir. I cant use any of google apps. Most of the apps in my phone are in Chinese. though, i changed the language to english from the system but still Chinese. I really got disappointed and really want your help. The phone is no long a good use for me. I am kinda of new here and i need your help. I have read and surfed many blogs but i couldnt get much.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. hi hasan,

      thank you for visit and leave comment, Congratulations you already have successful update your lenovo S820 to android kit kat. To remove unwanted chinese applications you have to ROOT your phone first. after that change the recovery to custom recovery so you can install google apps. unfortunately rooting android 4.4.2 not that simple as it. but you can try this tutorial if success than you can straight install google apps if not this guide does not demage anything. for personal assist you can contact me on hang out or give me your number for what app

    2. Thank you for the quick replay. I have tried to use this method but i couldnt obviously the Root Genius 1.9.3 couldn't detect my phone. though, i had it connected to my laptop on the debugging mode on. Can you give me any advice. I will contact you through Hangouts as well.
      Thank you again.

    3. Try to install root explorer, look if root explorer can work to open system folder. If can than you already succesfull rooted but if it can't than you have failure. Vibe ui v1.5 using kit kat and it a little hard to root it.

  5. hi, i had root my phone. But I cannot understand how to do the last part (deleting and installing superuser). Is it possible if i skip it?
    And can you provide tutorial to install play store to my phone? I had tried a lot ways and none of them is working. Please help me

    1. Hi,
      If you skip that part then you will use china root application but if does not matter this application just to use to allow another applications to have root access, SuperUser or SuperSu or kingUser is same function applications.

      Thank you

    1. Hi,
      For vibe u v2.0 i don't have guide for rooting. Because it chinese firmware, if you use row maybe i can help. But letme give you the picture how to root it. First you must install custom recovery for s820 of couse must be china, then install root from custom recovery. I hope you understand

      Thank you

    1. Hi,
      Are you asking me? Aftet rooting can google apps be use? Or you told me after rooting google apps connot be use? This rooting usually use to install google apps because cn version firmware cannot use google apps. What bwcome cn version? Rooting usually also use to remove chinese applications from system because cn version firmware include with many chinesse aoplications installed onnsystem.

    1. Hi,
      You check the update with system update on system setting or about phone, but consider it first. Your current firmware is china version and i think it already modified by the seller adding google applications and your birth language. If you update it all modification will gone and china firmware not include google applications and only have 2 language english and china. So consider it first, but if you really want to use the newer firmware version please look at this guide, it international rom version

    2. Rooting cannot be see on about phone, just look at your applications drawer can you see any root genius, vroot, superuser, king user or supersu application. If you can see than your phone already root if not then your phone not rooted then

    3. I don't think it's been rooted. So to put this simply,
      first I need to re-flashing my phone to the official ROW and then after that can proceed to upgrade to kit kat? am I right?
      and also, just in case all the modification gone, can I install it back on my own?

    4. Yes, you are right. But flashing will result you will lose your current firmware if you not backup it first and flashing has possibility to losing IMEI which is will losing your phone ability to communicate. So please consider it

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