Replace Modem file on Lenovo S850 for Better Signal Reception

04 Mar 2015

Replace Modem file on Lenovo S850 for Better Signal Reception – Today guide i will explain how to change modem firmware on Lenovo S850, this guide sometime needed when after change ROM you feel that your signal reception is not good as before you change the ROM.
Bad signal reception maybe cause with not suitable modem file with your device, this often happen when Lenovo S850 bought on china installed with international firmware version ot vice versa, to solve this problem one of the solution is change the modem firmware.
This guide will modified Lenovo S850 system files and very not recommended to do if you not have backup system for your current running ROM, once you do without backup the file will never can be restore and even this guide already tested it has possibility to brick your Lenovo S850.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. Even this guide is already tested but it has possibility to brick your phone, (DWYOR)

Replace Modem file on Lenovo S850 for Better Signal Reception

Requirements :

  • Lenovo S850 must be ROOTED, for Lenovo S850 i recommended use one click applications for root to avoid the brick risk.
  • Lenovo S850 must already have custom recovery installed on the system, How to Create Your Phone Custom CWM Recovery
Downloads :
  • S850_CN.V105_modem china baseband v105, better use in china device.
  • S850_CN.V106_modem ↦ china baseband v106, better use in china device.
  • S850_ROW.V106_modem international or european modem file, with baseband v106 better use for european device
  • S850_ROW.V107_modem ↦ international or european modem file, with baseband v107 better use for european device
Replace Modem file on Lenovo S850 for Better Signal Reception 
  1. After 2 conditions above already fulfill, move the modem file to your device. Put it on the root of your SD Card, do not inside the folder.
  2. Turn off your device and boot to recovery mode, press and hold Power button + Volume Down + Volume Up button and release until you can see recovery main menu
  3. On the custom recovery main menu select Install zip from sd card ↦ Choose zip from sd card  point it to downloaded modem file
    Replace Modem file on Lenovo S850 for Better Signal Reception
  4. After installation finish back to custom recovery main menu, select Reboot System Now
  5. Boot normally and confirm with go to System Setting ↦ About Phone ↦ look on the Baseband Version make sure it same with the downloaded modem file.
This guide is also do manually without using custom recovery installation mode, but it look better to use custom recovery installation mode. So that it how to change mode firmware on Lenovo S850 for better signal reception, leave comments if you found any problem and broken links regarding this guide. Thank You
    1. Hi,
      Do you have backup your previous ROM, if you have try to restore it. Or maybe you can try to install international ROM and then see if you getting the network. If not try to search fix nvram for lenovo s850 on google

    2. first that is not my custom rom, i just help to share it and second on my guide i am already notice about potential brick device when following the guide, and third give the error number so i can know what error about not just say give error, that not fix the problem

    1. Hi,
      For solve network problem on lenovo s850 is little hard because you need you own nvram partition that already lost while you modified and make you have network problem. On other device network problem can be resolve by restore the imei number but different with lenovo s850. So the suggestion is bring to lenovo service center if you don't have nvram backup.

  1. Andy, nak tanya..

    Can i used others person NVRAM S850 phones and restored on my phone problem with IMEI..? Before this i already flash my phone without backup anything..My bad..
    Actually my phone already restore the IMEI after follow ur others tutorial. The IMEI is shown, but no signal from operator.. What is ur suggestion..TQ

  2. hi sir,
    1- i dont have backup
    2- before i replace the modem file got no network…after replace the file sometime there is network most of the time got no network/ really weak signal
    3- use the sim card in other phone no problem
    helppp…thank you…

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