Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo S920

18 Mar 2014
Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo S920

Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo S920 – Most china phone has Internal Storage and USB Storage on it partition. This USB Storage it different with external USB Storage aka sd card. So i think it useless to have USB storage while we can get bigger external USB storage from sd card. This tutorial teach how to remove internal USB storage so it space can be use by internal storage.
In the next process we gone deal with android system, flashing, editing system file and something that can make your device become brick. So please consider it again if you want to proceed to the next step.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.

Requirement :

ROM Process
  1. Extract Lenovo S920 Stock ROM, to your computer. 
  2. Make a copy or a backup of Lenovo S920 Stock ROM, Make a backup of your original ROM use Nandroid Backup or use 3rd party software.
  3. Find and replace checksum.ini and EBR2 file from extracted with downloaded files. This file in /target_bin sub folder.
Flashing Process

After finish with ROM’s Process now it time for us to flash it to our device, this process will replace our original ROM. After finish flashing we will found that our device internal memory will be increase to 3.6 GB.

Requirement :

Flashing Step :
  1. Extract all download files to on folder. You will have these folders MTK6589 Driver, SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1304.0.119 and S920_ROW_S117.
  2. Install MTK6589 Driver to your computer. Reboot after finish with installation process.
    Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo S920
  3. Turn off your Lenovo S920 and plug off the battery. Connect your Lenovo S920 to your computer, it will installing Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port. After finish installing Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port success disconnect your phone from your computer.
    Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo S920
  4. Now open SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1304.0.119 folder and run Flash_tool.exe check on DA DL With Check Sum. Click on Scatter-loading look for MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt on the S920_ROW_S117 folder, look on /target_bin sub folder
    Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo S920

    Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo S920
  5. When everything is ready, Click Download button. now connect your device to computer, please remove battery and sc card. When your device detect then it will show Red Bar and not very long it will become Yellow Bar increase. Wait until it reach 100% please don’t remove, shutdown or reboot your computer in this moment cause it will make your device bricked. When it finish it will show you Green Sign and you can disconnect your device.
  6. Done, You can now turn on your device and check size of Internal Memory it will become 3.6 GB
Congratulations !!, Now you have learn how to flashing your Lenovo S920 and success to Re-Partition Internal Memory. If you have any problem please drop a messages, i will try to help you.
  1. Sudah 3 hari bolak balik cari artikel repartisi lenovo s920, banyak dari artikel mereka menerangkan cara repartisi tersebut tapi terlalu bertele tele. Sejak di temui artikel ini pas bnagets dan setelah ku simak baik baik langkah demi langkah akhirnya leni punya aku berhasil untuk repartisi sesuai yang diinginkan. Terimakasih banyak sobat. Sukses selalu buat kamu Gan…

  2. i have a problem here, Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port appeared a few seconds after i connected my phone with my computer and then it disappeared. and when i wanna flash it, it shows SP FLASH TOOL ERROR : ( 8038 ). can you help please?

  3. this will be my first attempt to do anything with my phone,, i just hope that these instructions relayed should help me out with no problem.. as its my first tym poking finger into my phone.. plus i wanna totally chage this phone coz of its chinese rom google app doesnt works..

    1. are you sure you did all process, look at ROM process section. are you do the step number 3 ? if you not do the step number 3 then is same you flash lenovo s920 stock rom to your device, nothing change. but if you do the step 3 it arrange the partition to make you have bigger internal memory.

      thank you for visit

  4. and one more question i would like to ask is that after flashing my phone will i be able to use google services..among which playstore is most important. coz at d moment my phone doesnt accepts any google services and there was no gogole play store pre-installednin it

    1. of course this tutorial just only show you how to re-partition your lenovo s920 internal memory, for installing google play services there is another tutorial. most off chinese phone does not include google play service

    2. see i didnt do anything with d phone yet as d stock rom wasnt g etting downloaded all i did was did a backup thats all…n just waiting to get a stock rom so dat i am able to flash d phone repartition it n also get google play servies specially google playstore

    3. hey after doing this cmw recovery thing i am getting d options…. ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. FIX? THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE..

      with d options
      no, no, no, yes-disable recover flash.,, no , go back

      so i clicked on no
      n d phone got rebooted.
      so now how i am supposed to knw if it was a success or not
      i just did d cmw recovery

    4. and if its a yes then kindly guide me thru this gapps process so that i can avail d features of google play store if u want u can send me a mail directly with d process as m a dummy wen it comes to a smart phone.. my email id is [email protected].
      thanks for all d help so far.
      appreciate it man…

    5. If you click on no then it system install stock recovery again but if you click yes the cwm still on your system. If you follow this guide your external memory will be vanish cuse the size it add to internal memory. But not your sd card, i means true sd card not external memory act like sdcard.

    6. OK so basically i have successfully done d cmw recovery process. so if i want to install gapps then i can go ahead with it as the capacity of d system is showing good. now if i want to avail google process i just need to install that gapps. am i ryt?

    1. Recording is a software not every rom has it, and for screenshot try pres volume down+power button at the same time. This rom is internatinal version it remove some chinese apps that why you will miss some chinese apps

  5. Hi Andy,

    Thanks alot for your help I have been searching for this sinc yesterday but i found ur thread the most easiest to follow. I will do this today evening but before that i want to know what is the version of this ROM? if it's 4.2.1 which i already have, do u know if there is an updated ROM version official?


    1. This using multilanguage rom, i think it base on official release. Yes it android 4.2.1, for newest rom release official i still not hear it, dont forget to backup your current rom first in case something happen

  6. hi …i followed all the steps u mentioned up there but when it comes to step 3 when the computer has to install Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port nothing happenes. The red light of the phone is blinking but the laptop doesnt install anything , i tried with windows vista and windows 7 u have any idea about what is going on or any suggestion …please help , i bought this lenovo s920 from china and after i did an update of the system all the apps and system is in chinese :)) oh and btw for vista where should i check for this port cos its a lil different from windows 7 .thank a lot

    1. That driver is for windows 7 for windows vista i cannot provide it maybe you can search on google. Try to enable usb debugging on system setting. When usb debugging disable your laptop will hard to find your device

    2. hi have a laptop now with windows 7 and then i come to step 3 i turn my phone off do i have to remove the battery and then go further. i did that but the only thing that happens is that a red light is blinking but no installation of Mediatek. what am i doing wrong.

  7. hi …again …sorry to bother u again but it looks like my phone is brick now.:) i tried to flash it ,it got to 37 % and then it stopped and it gave the error 8038. i red above what u said to the other guy and i did the same. after i reboot my laptop the mediateck driver is not stable anymore…it appears a few seconds and then disappears. i tried to take out the battery and then put it back ,doesnt help .how can i make the driver stable there ? do u have any suggestions ,please.. ???!!! thanks in advanced

    1. hi andy,

      thank you for your reply. unfortunately as easy as it feels reading your answer, its not that easy for me to understand all these tech language. im such a noob in this, could you please be a little more specific on what i shud really do to delete the unwanted apps? there are just no easy delete button..

    2. Hi normaliza,

      If you wanna to delete unwanted applications first you need to root you phone, look a guide on how to root lenovo s920, after root you free to modified your system include remove un wanted applications. For easy to do that use root explorer look at google play. This application is like explorer in windows so you free to navigate to system folder and remove un wantes applications. I hope you clear enought

    1. Hi dear friend Andy
      i write you from Italy then sorry for my poor English CD
      I bought one Lenovo s920 on aliexpress in shenzhen , the seller wrong and send it to me s920 whit stock ROM in Chinese language but I need Italian language …now thank on you I now that I can change a firmware and install international firmware built in Italian language ….how to proceed?
      I can download a international firmware and install directly trought flash tool? Or I must make before a repartition procedure? Pls friend help me and thank you

    2. Hi giuseppe,

      It ok my english bad too ๐Ÿ™‚ for install or flashing lenovo s920 with multilanguage rom please refer to the link. And don't hesitate to contact me. If you need more assist you can leave your phone number for whatapps contact. I will try to help you if i can.thank you for reading

  8. Thank you so much dear friend tomorrow DHL courier will delivery my Lenovo s920 when i get a phone i try to make a procedure follow your tutorial I hope that I can make right all step ….if I need help I give to you my number so if you want you can help me through whatapps ….many tanks broth and greetings from Italy!!!! Bye dear

    1. this guide is flashing Lenovo S920 ROM with modified partition table (EBR2 and checksum.ini) if you don't replace the original EBR2 and checksum.ini then it mean you are flashing the original ROM without modified the partition table.

      So answering your question do flash it means also do repartition

    1. Hmm..
      After checking the storage to see where all the space goes,
      I realised 1.5GB goes to OS files and there'll be 2.5GB for me to use so I guess it's already been repartitioned.
      Anyways, thanks for your guide. It's been very useful when I was still using Jelly Bean. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. But mateos do not work in vibe ui
    when i use factory reset in CWM after using mateos phone stay on bootanimation
    and force me to flash it to factory frimware by flashtool again and evry thing back on first step…. ๐Ÿ™

    1. If your device is still turn on you must enable usb debugging on developer option so your pc can detect your device. If it turn off see the device manager while connect your phone so you can see mtk vcom port on section lpt and port. Try again if ot already disappear until you can manage to install usb vcom driver to pc

  10. nah ini ketemu tutorial repartisinya om andi ,
    cuman kalo ini kan pake stock rom, sedangkan punya saya sudah upgrade kitkat, dan saya juga masih simpan rom kitkat dari web om andi juga, mohon solusinya om untuk repartisi yang pakai rom kitkat ….

    terima kasih om andy

  11. Hello Mr. Andy Suwito

    Thank you very much for better this blog.Two year I got file from this blog. I have very useful and Happy ^_^.
    But my telephone recently is service or application can not be startup.I to try factory reset it's cannot and I to see this blog to try flash rom again. It's cannot success. I think chip memory or circuit is broken. Because it's cannot write for format internal memory and I cannot access drive my telephone when I connect to PC when I open telephone.

    Such as thank you very again I see checksum.ini and EBR2 link is broken. I to try search My Old file is have. I to intend to return to ADMIN.To provide another want file again.
    Best Regards.

    Checksum.ini link is.

    EBR2 link is.

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