PUBG Vikendi Map updated; New Vikendi 7.1 Map will have Motorbikes, trains and improved map


PUBG Vikendi 7.1 Map now brings, trains, motorbikes, and sidecars, new hostile terrain with more buildings, rollercoaster

If you are a PUBG player or follower, you did have played Vikendi map which has been a favorite among players. However, Vikendi did not get an update for a long time. Now Players Unknown Battle Grounds or PUBG as it is popularly called has updated the Vikendi map to version 7.1.

Vikendi 7.1 Map for Pubg now has a whole new look with new places to explore. The PUBG Update 7.1 Vikendi’s redo now has snow only on the outskirts of the city, unlike the original map. The new Vikendi map has trains moving around tracks on the map. These trains will make temporary stops along their paths giving you the opportunity to hitch rides. You can also loot some treasures that will help you in your battle.

As said above, snow cover has been reduced on the Southern end of the island, so you may need to ditch that snowy gillie suit if the ring is forcing you into these dry areas of the map. With the snow gone, gone are the Snowbikes and Snowmobiles. Now you have motorcycles and motorcycles aiding you in your mission. Now the terrain is much more motorcycle oriented.

There will only be two kinds of weather on the PUGB Vikendi map. It will either be clear, or snowy on Vikendi. Dino Park, a very popular location for fighting has been completely renovated. The area has many more buildings and a roller-coaster that circles around the volcano. This park is now much bigger and you will have that much more to explore. It has a new cargo depot instead of the forest the old map had. Volnova is now a bigger town giving you more loot and cover. There are cars and junk cars to hide. The large church town, Abbey, has been moved to the base of Mount Kreznik. Tovar and Movatra towns are no longer available.

New Sniper gun for PUBG Vikendi 7.1

The highlight of this map is the new sniper gun. Remember the Mosin-Nagant, a clone of the Kar98k. It is now available in Vikendi.

Try out the new map and enjoy the new Vikendi 7.1 experience during the lockdown.


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