PUBG Mobile upgrade will block hackers/cheaters accounts for 10 years


PUBG Mobile upgrades its anti-cheating tool which will ban hackers/cheaters for 10 years

If you are PUBG Mobile players, you should take care not to cheat. The new upgrades and adjustments to its spectating system now make it easier to detect cheating/hacking attempts. Furthermore, PUBG Mobile has announced that such hackers and cheaters accounts will be banned for 10 long years.

PUBG Mobile says that the upgrades have been made to resolve cheating through the use of the spectating system and improve the gaming experience for honest players. It added that the new upgrades will also make the games faster and bug-free. “The game server will determine in real-time whether a player is visible in the view of the host to decide whether or not to transmit the location data of a player to spectators,” PUBG Mobile says.

The new upgrades affect the three main roles of the spectating system – the host, game server, and the spectator. The host is the client of the character who is playing in the match. The server receives, transmits, and processes the various combat data of users. On the other hand, the spectator is the client of the user who spectates the game and receives the combat data transmitted by the game server.

The new upgrade makes it possible to detect if the player is in the view of the host. If the player is not in view of the host aka cheating, it will not send the location data of the player to spectators. This means that ghosting or cheating plugins/add-ons will not be able to modify the game data. Apart from this, the upgrade will not affect those who see matches normally. In addition, players found to use the PUBG Mobile add-ons/cheats or ghosting tools will be summarily banned for 10 years.

The anti-cheating software was unveiled by PUBG Mobile last year but it was unable to stop players from cheating. On 7 July, PUBG Support announced, “1-week bans have been issued to players who intentionally used an exploit to gain additional EP.”

The latest upgrade detects if the players are using modified PUBG Mobile apps or Mods to play the game. The system makes use of detection software which is able to scan for suspect software and modified game data. “We take enormous pride in the game we work on every day, and cheaters cheapen all of our work. We’re doing everything possible to keep cheaters out of our game as much as possible,” it said.

If you are using modded PUBG Mobile, it is suggested that you immediately delete the mod and download the official PUBG Mobile game to avoid such a long term ban.


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