PUBG Mobile introduces new Anti-Cheating feature to stop unfair advantage of the Spectate Mode


PUBG Mobile introduces new Anti-Cheating feature to stop unfair advantage of the Spectate Mode

PUBG Mobile has been the savior for the people in this ongoing situation, where the countries over the globe have imposed nationwide lockdown. Tencent Games has been providing the best updates and features for its most popular game PUBG Mobile. The company was been teasing its new secret map for the last 1.5 months but has recently revealed the name of the map will be LIVIK. The new secret map was included in the recent PUBG Mobile version update 0.19.0.

If you are a big fan of PUBG and regularly play the game, then you must have come across multiple cheaters in the game. There are millions of complaints floating on the popular forums to ban the hackers and cheaters from the last major update of PUBG Mobile. However, now the PUBG Mobile developer team has finally introduced an Anit Cheating system that stops the unfair advantage of the Spectate Mode.

These cheaters after becoming aware of this method of cheating through the use of the spectating system, the dev team immediately took stringent and ongoing action to ban the accounts involved and have managed to effectively curb this method of cheating. However, as this form of cheating involves a long chain, is rather complicated, and is obscure and difficult to detect, the damage it deals with the fair gaming environment increases daily and the team hopes to target this form of cheating from the source.

PUBG Mobile has implemented a new peer review mechanism to the spectate mode that will determine in real-time if a given player is visible in the view of the game host and then decide whether to transmit that data to the spectator or not. The developers explain on the website that the Spectating System consists of three factors, the host, game server, and the spectator. It was noted that cheaters were able to use two devices to pin-point enemy location.

“The cheating user will use two mobile phones. The host will play the match normally and get the spectator to use an x-ray vision plug-in to cheat.” Now, the game server will determine in real-time if a player is actually visible in the view of the host. If not, the location data of other players will not be transmitted to the spectators.

As the direct and indirect use of x-ray vision to cheat may continue to evolve in the future, we will continue to enhance the security of the game in all aspects and improve our ability to detect new forms of cheating. Cheaters will receive a 10-year account ban.

PUBG Mobile Dev team

They also mentioned that the team is also looking into the one-shot kill hack and will resolve the issue soon. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by subscribing to our newsletter from here.


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