PUBG Mobile announces “New Erangel” map to arrive on September 8th


PUBG Mobile to launch the “New Erangel” map on September 8th

PUBG Mobile has been the savior for the people in this ongoing situation, where the countries over the globe have imposed nationwide lockdown. Tencent Games has been providing the best updates and features for its most popular game PUBG Mobile. If you play PUBG regularly then you must be knowing that the company launched its new secret map LIVIK in the last update 0.19.0. This time Tencent will be launching a revamped version of Erangel Map.

PUBG Mobile beta version released the revamped Erangel map for a while now, bringing several aesthetic improvements. Meanwhile, the company has announced the “New Erangel” map will be coming to the game on September 8 on its official Twitter handle.

New Erangel arrives on September 8th – share your screenshots and clips from the current Erangel & your favorite memories to enter our Dawn of a New Era competition!

PUBG Mobile

In addition, it was also known that PUBG Mobile will also give players a chance to win 30,000 UC in the Dawn of a New Era competition. As the Tweet says the Players will require to share the screenshots and short video clips from the current Erangel map. For doing this there are three categories one is that you can share favourite Chicken Dinner memory (screenshot of a clip), other can be your favourite screenshot on Erangel, and the last can be your favourite Erangel video clip.

These screenshots and clips can be of anything on Erangel. An awesome play you made, a scenic photo, or just you and your squadmates hanging out on Erangel. Each category will have three winners and each winner will receive UC rewards. To submit your clips and images, you have to post them in a public post of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) with the hashtag #PUBGMErangel

Thank you again for over two amazing years of PUBG MOBILE. We all know that change can be scary, but we think that you’re all going to love New Erangel and can’t wait to show off what we’ve been working on. If you have any questions about the event, feel free to reach out to me in a private message or a comment. Good luck everyone

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Taking about the new changes, according to the sources and other reports we have learned that the revamped version of the map will include the addition of new map elements such as forgotten trenches, tree-trunk barriers, abandoned tanks, and bunkers. Moreover, The major areas in the map like the Mansion, Prison, Mine Zone, Sosnovka Military Base, Mylta Power, and others are expected to be revamped for loot, gear, and other resources.

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